Why Rebranding & Design Are Important. Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency Makes Channel 6 News.

Channel 6 Reporter, Marc Bailey recently interviewed Angela Hill, Creative Director & President of Incitrio. The topic? The 2010 AIGA Y International Design Conference held in San Diego and the impact of design on our world.

In this interview, she explains how everything around us from the packaging of a teapot to the design of a toothbrush requires the careful and thorough work of a designer. Even something like user experience of a website requires careful design thinking to ensure their client is able to control the path in which the user will navigate through their site and cause that action to lead to a sales conversion.

Designers from a vast array of industries, from all around the world, gathered to present on different topics related to design at the 2010 Y Conference. Angela Co-Chaired and presented at the conference with her expertise covering branding, design for print, design for web, and social media. Ms. Hill, founder of Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency (an award-winning global branding & design agency), has worked with Fortune 500 clients from around the world to help their company with corporate rebranding and reposition their products/services for financial success.

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Angela Hill
President & Nationally Renowned Rebranding Expert, Speaker & Author


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