Video & Motion Graphics Overview

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a million. Video marketing can serve all kinds of purposes: fundraising, awareness, crowdfunding, testimonial, training, video blogging, and more. It’s our job to help you choose the right “type” of video or media and the “right” platform for display and distribution. It’s not enough to create a great asset, you have to use it properly, too!

  • Script & Storyboard Development
  • Corporate Videos & Testimonials — in studio or on location
  • Motion Graphics — design & development
  • Whiteboard Videos — illustration & development
  • Transmedia — design & development
  • 3D Animation — illustration & modeling (biotech & high tech)
  • Promotion — video analytics, VSEO, paid video campaigns, etc.

Video & Motion Graphics Process

Incitrio’s creative team has been there, done that when it comes to video. We appreciate just how complex video, motion graphics, and 3D animation can be. That’s why we don’t take on every project. We always interview our clients and make sure we both fully understand and agree upon the scope of work prior to starting any project. If we can’t start on the same page, then we can’t properly manage expectations and that’s a recipe for disaster. No client wants to deal with scope creep and overages on their bill. We always ask for approval to revisions with time estimates to make sure both parties are able to correctly track and project the final invoice at any given moment. If the project is not a fit, we’ll happily refer you out to one of our pre-vetted strategic partners so we don’t leave you in the lurch.

Our favorite quote from Mark Twain sums it up best: “I would have written you a shorter letter, but I didn’t have the time.” Storytelling can be a powerful tool. Taking the time to really vet concepts and refine messaging in the script development process is vital to the success of your final video. We absolutely must invest time up front to ensure a proper outcome at the end. When we rush this process, that is when we open up the potential for mistakes. At this point in the process, the more you can document and plan out timing-wise, the better and smoother production process will be.

We’ll help you create your messaging, define your script, setup timing markers for key points, design your storyboard, create a split script, find voiceover talent and manage him/her, research and select stock music, develop creative, and produce the video. We can be as full-service as you need us to be. The process doesn’t have to be long or painful, it just needs to be done in the proper order with time built in for refinement and adjustments.

Select Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency for your corporate, fundraising, crowdfunding, and testimonial needs. We’ll not only help you put together a video marketing strategy, but we’ll also develop a Phase II campaign to launch, distribute, and boost awareness of your new asset. Our team can film on location or in studio, you tell us what you need and we’ll be there.

Got a complicated product or service and are having a hard time explaining it? Let Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency help you translate your genius into an easy-to-digest video that explains the complexity in simple, easy-to-digest pieces of visual data. Sometimes you really can’t use enough words to convey a concept, while a video will easily accomplish your objectives in 60 seconds or less.

Whiteboard videos are all the rage these days. Choose Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency to create your whiteboard video and you can leave the cheesy 90′s clipart feeling behind. We’ll create a series of icons and infographics that are branded to match your existing look&feel on your website or collateral so that when we go to embed your new asset, it transitions seamlessly.

Looking for something a little sexier, like transmedia? We can do that, too. We’ll take cutting edge motion graphics and merge them with video to create compelling content that users simply can’t pause. Transmedia is a great way to leverage the best of both worlds and make your website more sticky, which search engines and your Google rankings will love!

Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency excels at 3D animation. Due to our founder’s strong background in biotech and life sciences as well as high tech, our team has the ability to successfully translate technologically complex concepts into a 3D animation. Looking for funding and don’t have a prototype yet? 3D animation with voice over and music is the perfect asset to take on your roadshow as you pitch investors. Tell a dual story to the VCs and physicians so both parties appreciate the value of your new product, how it will work, and why it is worth investing. Talk to our clients about the millions in funding they have been able to raise as a result of this type of asset.

Lastly, you can’t get all dressed up to go to the prom and never leave the house! Promoting your video to the public or your desired audience is that last, absolutely vital component to a successful video project. We’ll help you optimize your video so that it’s tagged for proper SEO as part of an overall organic optimization strategy. We’ll perform additional integration across multiple platforms and we’ll even help you with a paid campaign if you want your video to go viral. Yes, we really can make your video go viral. It’s all in the secret sauce.

Video & Motion Graphics FAQs

Transmedia is a combination of video and motion graphics into a seamless video piece that weaves in and out of both types of content to tell a compelling story in graphics and with live people.

Here is an example of a Transmedia project:

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