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9 10, 2015

8 Game-Changing Statistics Found During SMX East Conference in New York

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SMX East hosted their 2015 Search Marketing Expo in New York last week at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. As the largest search engine10.08_SMXEast marketing (SEM) expo in the world, digital marketing leaders from all over the country came together and shared game-changing statistics that will help […]

11 09, 2014

Save Net Neutrality

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Net NeutralityYesterday marked the world’s first “Internet Slow Down Day,” where supporters of net neutrality banded together in an attempt to gain support for their cause. Net neutrality is the idea that the Internet, and all […]

15 05, 2014

Search Engine Optimization in 2014

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Defining what search engines, like Google, deem important in relation to search engine optimization (SEO) is an ever-changing entity. Webmasters constantly have to determine which SEO elements are […]

21 04, 2011

Leveraging Google Panda for Search Engine Optimization

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Google Panda’s Update is Changing the Rules for Internet Search

Companies looking to make a first page presence in Google search results have generally followed the same set of guidelines since the advent of search engines. The formula was simple: increase content and create as many links as possible to your site. This formula has worked […]

13 07, 2010

Social Media: What’s the Rush???

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Under Pressure

I keep hearing that old song by David Bowie, or Vanilla Ice for you younger folks. Man, are marketing directors under some serious pressure these days! With all the hype going on around social media, CEOs are pushing harder than ever for marketing departments to implement online marketing strategies. Here’s what I keep hearing: […]

3 06, 2009

How to Grow Your Business Through Online Marketing

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Through Search Engine Optimization and Website Design Optimization


In today’s economy, a marketing plan that’s not performing is unacceptable. No longer can you afford to leave any aspect of your budget unexamined. If […]