Online Advertising Overview

Navigating the paid advertising landscape can be challenging and confusing. Proper keyword research and strategy for differentiating your SEO vs your PPC vs your blogging efforts is absolutely vital. If you don’t carefully plan out and schedule your efforts, you can end up cannibalizing your tactics and therefore wasting budget. Start with a smart, integrated paid campaign that factors in your other marketing investments and timing.

  • Search, Publisher, Display,  & Mobile Advertising
  • Google Adwords — for profit and Google Grants
  • Social Advertising — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Banner Ad Design & Development — HTML5, Flash, Javascript, GIF
  • Retargeting — geographic, demographic, psychographic, behavioral, etc.

Online Advertising Process

Search, publisher, display, and mobile advertising, oh my! The Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency wizards are here in the Emerald City standing by to help you find your yellow brick road to increased conversions and lower acquisition costs. Let us help you figure out the best of mix of the various paid advertising options so that you don’t end up wasting your investment with the wrong tactic.

Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency works with both for-profit and non-profit clients to help them setup, optimize, refine, and manage their Google Adwords and other Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns. Past for-profit brands have realized an up to $14,500/mo savings on their PPC campaigns, simply by letting Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency “stop the bleeding” and perform proper due diligence into campaign performance. Sometimes SEO is a better play and sometimes social or other tactics work better. Unless you’re measuring the right metrics, you may be throwing money away every month. Worse yet, you may have no idea that you’re throwing money away because you’re looking at the wrong value in your campaign management dashboard.

Social Advertising is a newcomer to the space and can definitely be a “hit or miss” proposition. There are no guarantees with social. The strangest brands and target audiences seem to respond to social advertising. However, the real strength of social advertising is a brand’s ability to invest for a very low cost in a highly targeted campaign. With social advertising, you can target by company size, personal interests, age, gender, level of education, job title, and so much more. This form of online advertising is definitely in its infancy, but sure to stick around.

We bring together our creative designers and analytical programmers to develop “best in class” banner ad campaigns for our clients. Regardless of the technology, we are proud to offer banner ads in whatever format our clients require: HTML5, Flash, Javascript, GIF, etc. This flexibility enables publishers to serve the highest performing version of the banner ad based on network and other technological restrictions. Our banner ads have a strong track record because we always bring the branding methodology and brand thinking to the work that we do. It is not enough for a banner ad to look good, it must also meet branding, sales, and marketing objectives so that it consistently delivers the required results customized for that brand.

Let us help you identify ways for cost-savings improvement within your paid advertising campaigns. There are so many ways to refine a campaign, whether it’s geotargeting, demographic targeting, day/time refinement, psychographic profiling, or behavioral retargeting, Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency can help you make the most of your ad dollars. We’ll stretch them to their limit and ensure that only your ideal, relevant audience is seeing your ad at the right time of day when they are most likely to convert.

Online Advertising FAQs

Google Adwords is the PPC system that is exclusively supported by the search engine Google. Bing, Yahoo!, and other search engines also offer PPC (pay-per-click) advertising platforms. So, you can pursue an Adwords campaign as part of your PPC plan, but you cannot pursue an Adwords campaign on multiple platforms.

When pursuing PPC (pay-per-click) as part of your online advertising strategy, you have several options: text, display, video, and banner ads. Text ads are comprised of a header, two lines of text, and URL. Display ads are comprised of an image that you can click with an embedded URL. Video ads are comprised of videos (that are hosted on YouTube) that you can click with an embedded URL. These ads are typically served through an ad platform like Google Adwords. Statistics can be monitored through the Google Adwords interface.

Banner ads are horizontal, vertical, or square ads that are typically served through a publishing platform. They can be static or an animated GIF and you can click on them as they have an embedded URL. Statistics may be monitored through the publisher’s platform dashboard or through a report generated by the platform.

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