Branding Services Overview

The word “branding” is such a challenging term. This one word has so many different meanings that it’s hard for agencies and marketers to share a common language and framework for building a brand foundation when we’re each starting from a different perspective. At Incitrio, we integrate our proprietary branding philosophy into every part of our process to ensure we position our final work product for maximum effectiveness. For Incitrio, it’s all about the 4 P’s…

  • Personality — Which values represent your brand at its best?
  • Promise — How will your brand change or impact the world?
  • Positioning — What makes your brand different or better?
  • Performance — Does your brand align with your business goals?

Branding Firm Strategy, Methodology, & Process

It all begins with defining your business, sales, and marketing objectives. Where do you see your company 2-5 years from now? Do you want more business from existing customers or new customers? What are the biggest challenges your brand is currently facing? If your brand is performing at its best, what kind of results would you expect to see? Then, we take a look at the three C’s: Company, Competition, and Customer.

Our company a.k.a. corporate brand analysis takes a hard look at where your company is right now, what is or is not working, and where you would like your brand to be in 5-10 years. We partner with you to identify ways we can use branding to raise your multiple of EBITDA (if M&A is part of your exit strategy) or enhance your brand equity and awareness (if IPO is your desired next step). Then, we make sure all of your branding tactics mesh with that ultimate vision.

Our competitor analysis seriously examines your brand and your competition’s strengths and weaknesses to develop a profile of opportunities and threats. By creating a Blue Ocean Competitive Canvas Map and strategy, we can then discover the best ways to leverage your strengths and capitalize on your competitors’ weaknesses in order to increase sales and maximize profitability.

Our customer/client analysis develops a profile and map for your marketing team to understand the psychographic needs of your audience and enables our design team to create customized solutions based on the best ways to reach your target. Each customer-focused campaign might consist of different variables, but clients will receive an overall strategy that clearly explains how tactics will be chosen and the ways they will be applied and changed across the different demographics.

Lastly, we take careful consideration of the best ways to position your company with regards to your competition and customer archetypes so that your goals are met. Whether your goals are to position for acquisition, increase conversions, or maximize marketing budget and demonstrate ROI, our customized approach guarantees that your marketing dollars are well spent.

Marketing & Branding Agency FAQs

Your final report will consist of the final personality, promise, and positioning recommendations. It will also have tagline recommendations, if appropriate. It will include sample messaging for different customer archetypes. There will be a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). It will also include your Blue Ocean Competitive Canvas Map and recommendations for how to reduce, raise, create, or eliminate variables to adjust your brand for maximum differentiation. Some of these suggestions may affect your operations, HR, finance, marketing, and sales. Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency will help implement the marketing recommendations and make introductions to our strategic partners for areas that we don’t directly serve.
Blue Ocean is a methodology that was originally developed within the book: Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne. The concept within the book is that any company within any industry space can move their brand away from the red and “bloody” waters of heavy competition to the calm and “blue” ocean waters of minimal competition, if they modify enough variables. For example: The way in which Cirque du Soleil effectively differentiated themselves from the circus, performing arts, and musical theatre is a great example of how a brand can become both Blue Ocean and ultimately more successful and profitable than their competitors through effective differentiation.
Yes, we have helped many brands with their Naming needs. It can oftentimes be a laborious process, as finding that perfect name that is unique to your industry, easy to spell and remember, and trademarkable, PLUS is available as a URL in “.com” form that is not already registered is almost impossible. When we find the perfect overlap of all of those variables, we achieve the Nirvana of Naming. Hard to find, but well worth the work in terms of being able to successfully differentiate and defend your brand.
No problem. You’re great at what you do and we’re great at what we do! We’ll interview your existing customers, prospective customers, strategic partners, vendors, and/or channel partners until we help you figure out your core differentiators. Whether you need an online survey, phone interviews, or in-person focus groups, we’ll modify our intake process to get you the highest quality data to make informed decisions. Oftentimes, our branding interviews have resulted in the core differentiators that become the key marketing messages within your website and/or marketing collateral. Many of our clients have been surprised to learn that their customers hire them for completely different reasons than they originally thought. It’s our job to help you uncover that information and use it to your best advantage.
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