Zoolander No.2 Movie Promotion Bleeds The Lines Between Fiction and Reality

It all started during Valentino’s fall 2015 fashion show where Zoolander and Hansel, played by Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, strutted down the runway showcasing their Valentino attire while simultaneously promoting their new movie, Zoolander 2. Fast forward 11 months and the fictional model, Zoolander, debuted again on a FIAT commercial during the Golden Globes. Although Zoolander 2 will doubtfully surpass the original film in popularity and quality, the film’s marketing blitz has gone where no film has gone before. Zoolander 2 is bleeding the links between fiction and reality.

See Zoolander as The New Face of Fiat

The new FIAT commercial is a perfect example of how Zoolander 2 stepped into an untouched marketing strategy where fictional movie meets today’s reality. Even FIAT USA went further to include a statement on their YouTube account: “Derek Zoolander shows off is best Blue Steel looks to the traffic camera, waiting to get that perfect shot. When you look as good as Zoolander behind the wheel of the FIAT 500X crossover, driving while hot comes standard.”

Zoolander Movie Trailer Is a Pseudo Perfume Commercial

Zoolander’s movie trailer brilliantly recuts clips from the movie to create a hilarious celebrity fragrance ad parody for a perfume called No. 2. Considering most movie trailers today all come in a similar structure, pace, and beat, the Zoolander 2 campaign lends itself to an unconventional approach.

Zoolander 2 also created supporting print ads to supplement their movie trailer.

Zoolander 2 has gone down the path of not taking itself seriously as it plays into modeling stereotypes. However, the film’s marketing campaign continues to inch farther away from fictional and instead, begins to bleed into reality, making the film incredibly intriguing and unorthodox. Moviemaking today has become like any business in that it is driven by money. For Zoolander 2, the film’s creative marketing stints are something that definitely could not haven been created in a boardroom.






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