You Can Now Listen to the Internet?

TAYL – Turn websites into podcasts. The acronym stands for T(alk) A(t) Y(ou) L(ater) and is pronounced “tale”. This new service allows people to literally listen to the internet. Sounds interesting right? TAYL uses machine learning to immediately convert your typed article or website into an audio format. So there’s zero wait time. Users can select between 50+ voices in 17 different languages, and there’s even more to come!

Here’s how it works: You simply surf the web, bookmark your favorite pages, and the TAYL app, instantaneously, convert your content into an audio file that you can listen to at any time. Their website reads, “Send me your favorite articles and I’ll read them to you.”

Marketers need to take advantage of the growing popularity of audio preferences. According to Statista, audiobook sales have been more than doubling every year. In 2017, approximately 68 million audiobooks were borrowed from local libraries alone. There is no question that audiobooks are gaining popularity as roughly 18% of consumers now prefer listening to reading. Even more surprising is that Edison Research discovered that 48% of all listeners are under the age of 35.

TAYL boasts four major benefits of listening to audio.

  1. Improve your health: by listening to an article, instead of reading it, you have the freedom to do so while moving around and taking a walk. Plus, no more eye strain from staring at your computer screen for too long.
  2. Remember more: people who engage multiple senses while learning (Ex. Reading and listening) fire off more neurons in their brain and improve overall memory.
  3. Sleep better: Staring at a computer screen to close to bedtime messes with our sleep. An alternative to this is audio which will still allow us to get a good night sleep and not disrupt our Circadian rhythm.
  4. Save time: think of all the activities where it’s not possible to use a computer. At the gym, during the commute to work, and while catching up on chores around the house. Now you can be more productive and listen while you work. You can also listen at 2x the speed for extra efficiency.

This trend is not going away anytime soon and the best marketing strategies will mix in audio messaging to get through to their target customers. If you need help with your marketing, reach out to Incitrio and we’d be happy to help!

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