What Snapchat Memories Means For Marketers


Snapchat, a social media platform most notably known for sharing images and videos that then disappear after 24 hours, is now going against its original value proposition with the introduction of “Memories”. “Memories” is a new feature where users can save snaps and create story collages using, for example, using “Timehop” that filters snaps based on dates. The new feature will also let users re-post their collages as “Flashbacks” or store them in a passcode-protected channel called “My Eyes Only”.

What Made Snapchat Cool

The ephemeral nature is what gives Snapchat its allure. With its most prominent feature being the ability to share images and videos that disappear within a day’s time, users didn’t want to miss out on seeing what their friends were doing. The dreaded fear of missing out (also known as FOMO) had users hooked.

What Makes Snapchat Remain Cool

Now that users have the ability to save and share their “Memories”, Snapchat has finessed the transition between somewhat scattered ephemerality to organized ephemerality. Snapchat finally scratched an itch that needed to be addressed since inception. The need for saving memories filled the void for users wanting to recollect good times and marketers seeking capitalization for its brand on a cool, new platform.

Snapchat’s competitive edge still banks on its ability for users to display their user’s lives in motion. This kind of feature fills the gap that Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can’t provide. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are increasingly oversaturated with promotional posts and noise that comes with a maturing platform, that it’s sometimes exhausting for users to scroll through their feeds. It would take more time for users to go through and clean up their feeds, than simply switching over to Snapchat. Comparatively, Snapchat is continuing to uphold its integrity by way of letting users control what they see and how often they see it. Users are able to pick and choose whom they watch instead of having to see every bit of noise in between each snap.

What is even more intriguing about Snapchat is that it doesn’t have likes, reactions, shares, or retweets. If someone would like to react to a snap, they simply reply with a private message. This keeps the platform personalized and authentic. Personally, this is my favorite feature instead of users wishing to post whatever they can to get as many likes as possible.

What Snapchat “Memories” Means for Marketers


Don’t have a massive marketing budget? Stretching hours to accomplish your social media initiatives? Snapchat is your low budget alternative to raising awareness, gaining a presence, and keeping your brand relevant and cool.

Geofilters are the perfect way to capture an event using a personalized overlay on your stories. Geofilters are location-based overlays that users can apply to their snaps at the same time an event us happening. If you are hosting an event, you can simply design and upload the filter that will work in that specific location during a specific period of time. Using Geofilters will make your social campaign real-time and will entice attendee’s to share your filter to their own followers so that you indirectly get more eyes and more impressions for your brand.

Use the “Memories” “Flashback” feature and share it with your followers. Get them to remember the good times they had at your event with your brand.

Export your snaps and repurpose them to create a low-budget, high-quality video. Re-share your video on other social platforms, in an email, or on your website. That way your fans, potential leads, and customers who may not yet follow you on Snapchat will be able to check out the cool stuff your brand is doing. For fans that already follow you on Snapchat that didn’t have a chance to see it, they can see what they missed out on.

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