What is Social Selling?

Social selling is more popular than ever during this holiday season. Due to the pandemic, consumers aren’t shopping as they normally would. Brands are getting creative within their social platforms by using shoppable features. Below are some of the most common platforms with shoppable options: Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.  


The most popular content on Instagram includes lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. It’s no surprise that Instagram has introduced a commerce platform. Influencers have been promoting products and using the swipe up feature for a while, but Instagram introduced a new feature called Checkout. This allows users to purchase a product within the Instagram app. Instagram is waiving their selling fee for the rest of this year, and the feature is available to all eligible businesses and creators. Now is the perfect time to partner with influencers and use this new feature. It makes things easier for the consumer, but it also has benefits for your business. Using the Checkout feature allows you to blend engagement with conversion and move followers through the funnel.


YouTube is in the process of creating a shoppable feature for the platform. It’s still in the testing phases, but retailers have recently been able to add a “ shop now” button to their video ads. This new format places product images below the ad to drive traffic to the brand’s product pages and allows consumers to purchase items directly from the brand’s website. These shoppable ads are reaching many consumers and brands are taking full advantage of them. Brands can use UGC for these ads. Because of the pandemic, it is much harder to create ads with a full production team. According to Social Media Today, user-generated content is 5X more likely to convert customers, so it’s a good strategy to take. 


Shopify just partnered with TikTok to allow sellers to advertise their products on the app. Users will be able to see shoppable ads in video form. This helps brands attract younger consumers in a new way. Brands and individuals alike have experienced immense growth and fame on TikTok. User-generated content is driving higher ROI than ever before and the algorithm is pushing new content so now is the perfect time to take advantage of this feature. Creating meaningful ads is easy with UGC from TikTok. The holidays are the perfect time to attract consumers to your shoppable posts on TikTok. 

Now is the perfect time to create a holiday campaign and get it out to your consumers. Explore the social selling options discussed above to see if you can add any to your strategy.


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