Weird Apps Of 2014

apple-apps-hand-3510-825x550Did you ever stop what you were doing and go “Why isn’t there an app for that?” In our modern day world, apps have taken a big place in lives and we often than not go looking for apps that will either make our lives easier or just to entertain. But even with apps, there are ideas that don’t really belong. How do you come out with an app that will stand out from the crowd without creating a flop?

Most developers just seem happy to steal a little bit of thunder from already pre-existing aps, while other’s strive to find the next big thing. But even designers know that the road to originality is paved with really questionable ideas. Sometimes the road less traveled, is less traveled for a reason. Take a look at these 5 apps that really question their own existence.

1. Hug Me

Are you a fan of warm hugs? Would you hug a random stranger? Would you go looking for a hug from a random stranger through your phone? This is the premise of Hug Me. The developers proclaim, “In a world where friendly physical contact is fading away, we introduce you to Hug Me, the app to rediscover the pleasure of hugging someone.” If it doesn’t sound weird enough, the website also provides examples of how you can use their app. If you need any more instructions, you can watch the video below.

Sadly, the app doesn’t seem to be getting much love. Between the lack of funding and the lack of huggers there doesn’t seem to be any traction for this app any time soon.

2. Cope It
If the name of the app were any indicator of its functionality you would only be half right. Cope it caters to the users that have dental anxieties. Unfortunately for those users the app is not available yet and the website is all in Danish. If you have dental fear, your days are up. You will be identified and handled, as you deserve. There is no escaping. Is that the dentist lurking in the shadows outside your front door?

3. Lok Lok
You’re sitting at your desk working diligently and out of the corner of your eye, one of your friends draws a NSFW photo on your phones lock screen. Lok Lok lets your friends draw unsolicited hand-drawn messages on your smartphone’s lock screen when they see fit. From the interface alone it looks like a version of Snapchat for your closest friends. Take a look at the video below, and seriously ask yourself, would you grant your friends access to your screen?

4. QGo
Hate waiting? QGo is all about cutting your waiting times by avoiding queues. This app gives you real-time indication of long queues on the slopes, at theme parks, or at the movies. But the required infrastructure to make this work seems daunting. And ultimately, wouldn’t directing a large group of people away from a specific queue, simply create another? If you have ever tried to switch queues at the supermarket, you know this has a slim chance of working. QGo sounds great on paper, not so much real-time.

5. Be Kimd
No the name is not a typo. Apart from the weird name that makes you think twice about how you pronounced it, this app has some promise. Use this app when you’re at a live concert without disturbing anyone behind you. And if you have ever been to a live concert, you can understand this minor annoyance. But how does the app work? Be Kimd works as a camera app with very low screen brightness. Which is essentially just a screen dimmer, which is a function that comes with every smartphone by default. But if you really want to be considerate to other concert goers, put your smartphone in your pocket altogether and enjoy the show!

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