A Look Into Periscope: Twitter’s Live Video Streaming App

Periscope twitter app Twitter just launched a new app known as Periscope. Periscope allows people to share live video on their mobile devices. Thus far, Twitter’s app has caught the attention of numerous brands, including Nestlé, Red Bull, Taco Bell, and Target. The question you might be asking yourself is, “Why does this app appeal to so many brands?” By using this app, brands have access to real-time moments that are special, which ultimately helps build and foster more personal relationships with their target consumers.

Brands can post Periscope videos to show their audience things like sponsored events or big announcements. In fact, Target recently used Periscope to promote their new fashion collection. In April, Targets’ Lily Pulitzer line nearly sold out within the first few days of its Periscope promotion. Additionally, Target used Periscope to launch its new Eddie Borgo line.
Twitter is urging brands to promote their Periscope videos with paid tweets. This would not only draw more attention to the new app, but it would also lift Twitter’s advertising. Twitter offers six tips that suggest the best ways for brands to use Periscope and publicize their livestreams. These six tips are listed at the end of this blog.

Drumstick Image Meanwhile, Drumstick will be the first brand to run a sponsored periscope stream. A few days ago, Drumstick opened its own Periscope account and will be livestreaming 15 to 20 scenarios on Sunday from amusement parks, lakes, beaches, and on the street in New York City. Each individual stream will include the hashtag #ad in the title of the video to indicate that it’s sponsored.

This week, Twitter revealed it is working on something called Project Lightning, which is a hub for live, breaking events that will organize all tweet activity so people can find the most meaningful content. Lightning will curate tweets, Periscope videos, and Vines about the most up-to-date and popular topics of the day, which has always been the main value of the platform—a foundation to instantly discover and discuss global events.

As for raising the profile of Periscope, Twitter is encouraging brands to buy Promoted Tweets before and after their broadcasts. Therefore, brands can package their Periscope videos for distribution on Twitter, rather than letting them disappear forever after 24 hours.

Periscope Twitter App

Here are six helpful tips from Twitter on how to properly use its video streaming app:
1. Use the appropriate content. Brands should strive to make their viewers feel like they are part of a special moment. Some examples: product launches, promotions, educational videos and VIP access.
2. Create anticipation. Buy Promoted Tweets to market the Periscope event on Twitter and build buzz, and when the event starts, tweet the link.
3. Be authentic. These events work best when they’re genuine and not orchestrated. Twitter states there’s no need to rehearse or write it in advance.
4. Be active. Interact and engage the viewers, respond to the comments and ask questions to the audience to jumpstart the conversation.
5. Use your time wisely. Your video will disappear from Periscope within 24 hour, so be sure to point viewers in the right direction even after the video is done rolling. Don’t waste any of the video and make sure to distribute the videos to Twitter users in Promoted Tweets.
6. The results should be analyzed. Examine statistics such as the number of active viewers, the time spent watching the video, and the number of replays and likes clicked. Brands can either promote their videos in general on Twitter or livestresam it individually.

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