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NIKE Just Do It

Nike Just Do ItRecognizing the power of strong video content, companies are beginning to experiment with different forms of video advertisements in hopes of further building their brands. Nowadays, video content is virtually everywhere: on your smartphone, your TV, your tablet, etc. There’s truly no escaping it. With that said, brands are trying to figure out the best way to keep butting into you life without annoying you beyond return, which isn’t an easy task. Being in a society that lives and breathes technology, consumers have seen it all. In the simplest of forms, consumers are no longer impressed with two-minute mundane and simplistic advertisements. Marketers are being forced to rise to the occasion and generate compelling creative that leaves consumers wanting more.

For example, Nike has learned that taking risks with their video content has paid off. Nike is not a brand that waits for someone else to take the lead, but rather, they just do it. Just recently, the athletic brand released a GIF promoting its new Snkrs app, as well as a 12-second video deemed “The Worlds Fastest Commercial.” Within days of the release, the commercial has already received 35,000 retweets, which proves people are engaging with their marketing.

Companies like Nike, who recognize the fluidity of the advertising world, are the ones that stay ahead of trends and generate positive publicity for their brand.

Check out three video techniques that are working for marketers:

Front-Loaded Entertainment. We’ve all seen the cutthroat video advertising statistics that deem it almost impossible to maintain an entire audience during a video advertisement, yet it gets done. Brands that front-load their advertisements with exciting news and captivating hooks have a much chance of keeping their viewers engaged. In fact, a recent study conducted on Twitter revealed that advertisements that feature people in the opening moments of their advertisements are twice as likely to motivate viewers to stick around. Get straight to the point and avoid the fluff.

GIFs. GIFs may not be a typical form of advertising, yet companies are starting to realize just how effective they can be. Quick, witty, and short GIF advertisements have the ability to keep viewers engaged, given that they only last one or two seconds. Consumers appreciate when brands keep up with the things they love, and GIFs are one of them. At the very least, they grab your attention, like this bouncing burger.

Silent But Deadly Content. On almost every single social media platform, videos begin to auto-play without sound until users initiates further viewing. This silent playback is something that advertisers can take advantage of by telling a story without words and/or utilizing text to get their message across. Whether the silence is used to captivate your viewer or keep them from having to plugin headphones to watch your advertisement in a public space, sometimes silence can say more than words.

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