Top Tips: Marketing Your Brand to Millennial Women

Millennial WomenEvery marketer has a laundry list of buzzwords flying around their head. At the top of that list is the buzzword “millennials.” The millennial demographic is a very important part of future business. Millennials’ influence level and sheer numbers make them a demographic that can’t be ignored. But it is important to differentiate the many facets of millennials, they are more than just a hoard of young adults who rely on digital media to connect and communicate with their peers. Today, we will be focusing on half of the ever-important demographic, millennial women. Specifically, how should brands create content that would be appealing to millennial women?

The first step in creating content that resonates well with a specific demographic is to do your homework. It is important to leverage audience data and editorial expertise to create native advertising that holds relevance. The best way to get accurate and pertinent data is to perform A/B testing for your messaging and look to determine what resonates the best with your audience. Once you have hammered out your final messaging, then it is imperative that the message be delivered in a way that would successfully drive traffic to your destination of choice (i.e. landing page, website, social profile).

The ever-evolving issue lies in the fact that digital media trends are always changing, and native advertising requires the marketer to stay one step ahead of the trends. If you are not at the forefront of the best ways to communicate with your audience, then you need to at least be able to adapt quickly. Otherwise, you will be left in your competition’s native advertising dust. The best way to stay ahead of the pack is to keep these six strategies, outlined below, in mind.

1. Think outside of your standard content’s box
It is a good idea to get in the habit of looking for opportunities to create content that would act in as support for your brand. Millennials do not respond well to a hard sell. They prefer to hear what their friends and peers think of a product before trying it for themselves. That’s why brands are aligning themselves with products and services that wouldn’t typically be aligned with their brands. For example, Crest created an ombre lip tutorial featured on Popsugar. The tutorial has nothing to do with oral hygiene, yet supports Crest’s message of supporting a beautiful smile.

2. Share more than just your brand
When your brand is engaging in social media, it is important to keep in mind the type of content that you are sharing. If you are constantly sharing content that is all “me, me, me” no one is going to be inspired to share that content. You have to be considerate of the content and begin posting content that is pertinent and share-inspiring. If you think you need help with this, here is a helpful blog.

3. Create content that publishers would appreciate
A big component of creating content that has viral appeal is your content’s ability to span multiple genres. The more Venn diagrams of audience and topical conversation you can have overlapping, the better.

4. Happiness makes people happy
Everyone is always facing some sort of a challenge. Despise what the big news media outlets would lead you to believe, people like stories of happiness. The most shared stories on social media are those that share a positive message.

5. Education creates the best evergreen
Millennial women love their DIY. If you can help them with informative, educational content, they will eat it up like hotcakes. Informative content will never be an outdated trend, it is in our human nature to ever-seek the next bit of juicy information that we didn’t know. If you can manage to create informative content that also supports the use of your brand, you are legitimizing your brand, adding brand equity, and helping the consumers envision themselves using the brand.

6. Don’t discount social shares
Shares on social media are like marketing currency. Where unique visitors and pageviews are quantitative data for live websites, social shares represent your content’s social media value. This data can be translated into content that you develop on your site, or applied to an integrated marketing campaign. Take the plethora of data available to you via social media analytics and apply it across your other marketing avenues.


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