Top 10 Best Perceived Brands of 2014

I Love BrandingBrand perception is a very important concept for any company trying to build an image that leaves a lasting impression in consumers’ minds. With this in mind, we thought it would be important to share the brands that are performing the best in terms of brand perception in 2014.

YouGov’s BrandIndex research found that the top three of the top ten brands were online brands with streamed media offerings. The firm has been performing research since 2007 and releases data annually. In 2014, the firm polled 5,000 people daily resulting in an astronomical 1.3 million people polled in 2014. This massive sample size tells an accurate story as far as how brands are perceived, and which brands are ranking highest in consumers’ minds.

Out of 1,500 brands researched, Amazon came in first, YouTube second, and Netflix third. It comes as no surprise that these media streaming companies are dominating the branding jungle. Video streaming has become a booming business, and is getting bigger every year. People love their entertainment, and they want it immediately available, anywhere they want.

Surprisingly lower on the list, Samsung, Apple, and Google show that technology is an integral part of everyday life for the typical U.S. consumer. The stand-alone food giant Subway makes a surprising leap to the fourth best-perceived brand in the U.S. Apparently, consumers love their five-dollar-foot-longs.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best-perceived brands of 2014:

#10: Cheerios – Apparently, still everyone’s favorite breakfast cereal.

#9: Ford – Holding their own in a difficult market.

#8: Lowe’s – Home Depot has some catching up to do.

#7: Apple – Apple enthusiasts will have something to say about this…

#6: Google – Soon to take over the world, and everyone will be okay with it.

#5: Samsung – Take that, Apple.

#4: Subway – A forearm-sized sandwich for $5, yes please.

#3: Netflix – Tough to beat House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

#2: YouTube – Thanks to copious amounts of time wasted watching YouTubers and music videos.

#1: Amazon – Can’t beat drones at your door.

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