Tina Hardison, Inspirationalist & Pizza Lover


Educator and designer Tina Hardison’s experience working with companies as big as large brands and as small as start-ups and non-profits, makes her one-woman design shop From the Desk of an inspiration to graphic design newcomers with a freelance dream.

As a faculty member of Graphic Design at California College of the Arts, Hardison teaches professional practice classes as well as Level 3 Graphic Design Studio. In whatever free time she has left, she creates brand and identity design for fictitious companies she imagines about in The Branded Project.


As a specialist in branding and identity design, Hardison developed The Branded Project as a creative outlet to finesse her design process and practice. Brainstorming new ways to create and think about design, the San Francisco based artist uses this fun side project as an original inspirational outlet.

Action Bronson’s Ramen Shop is a witty piece in her Branded project that not only displays Hardisons thoughtful and innovative design process, but also her attention to detail, research, and humor. Studying the rapping chef’s love for food through his Anthony Bourdain meets Snoop Dog YouTube series, Hardison envisioned a total brand identity. Inspired by Action Bronson’s most favorite munchies, she designed an advertisement, window display, menu, packaging, and a new chest tattoo for Bronson in honor of his blossoming fictitious brand.

An inspirational spirit with an obvious love for pizza, Tina Hardison reminds us all that designers are forever fun, and should never stop learning, creating, and enjoying their craft.

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