The Customer Journey: Why the B2C Template doesn’t work in B2B

We are in the Age of the Customer. They are in control of their journey and the goal is to meet them wherever and whenever they want to be met through several channels. In addition to that, each channel and tool must be communicated to differently.

The Customer Journey has always been an essential tool. They help figure out what marketing initiatives need to be implemented for each channel in an ever changing consumer based world.

Unfortunately, this template doesn’t work in the B2B landscape.

The main issue is that the templated Customer Journey is streamlined. It focuses on one message per stage of the journey. Customers have a wide variety of experiences that affect their place in the journey and therefore content should be unique. When redefining your B2B Customer Journey, here’s a few things to think about:

    • Content defines the entire customer experience. Defining your content assets is key to interacting with your customer. Some assets are an entire interaction with the customer, like a blog post or a guide to an interaction, like a call script read by person. For B2B, this could also include white papers and webinars.
    • Cover every possible touch point the customer could come across. Whether they’re in the research or decision stage, think about when they come across your social media accounts or how the look of your website may effect their journey.
    • Show customers your solutions to their problem. Regardless of what phase they are in the journey, they will always be looking for answers to their problems.
    • Testimonials are great way to show what you have to offer to your buyers. This is especially great if you’re serving customers within a niche market. 53% of B2B buyers rely on peer recommendations.
    • Make sure that your content is optimized for mobile. While B2B customers may be looking at the office, they may also be on the go between meetings or away at conferences.


In B2B, and B2C, it is about being customer centered. By creating a consistent and fluid customer experience, you can keep your buyers happy.

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