The Coca-Cola Bottle Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary

Coke Bottle 100th AniversaryCoca-Cola has been known to run the full gamut when it comes to their advertising tactics. Their methods can range from fully integrated campaigns that have a common theme running through every media outlet, to campaigns that are one-off video or outdoor advertising. The moral of the story, Coke is not afraid to try new things, and that is exactly what they are doing with the next set of ads they have running to celebrate their iconic bottle’s 100th anniversary.

The 15 new global ads vary from live action to animated; from first person, to hand-centric. It is an interesting approach that proves the brand has more money than they know what to do with. The one congruency through all of the ads is their adaptability for different markets and languages. Each of the videos feature limited spoken words, making it easy to swap out typed headlines and music to adapt the footage for a variety of global markets.

The first ad features hands of every age, gender, and ethnicity coming together to connect. They engage in a wide range of motions that signify how people around the world connect. At the end of the thirty-second ad, the hands come together with a Coke bottle cap at the top, forming the shape of the iconic Coke bottle.

The second ad, titled “Kiss Happiness,” is a one-minute spot featuring the Coke bottle’s introduction to the world in 1915 with its “first kiss.” You then follow the Coke bottle on a journey through time, witnessing all of the greatest world events the brand has been a part of. The intention of the ad seems to be to remind people what Coke has been a part of, and they want you to associate the brand with the feelings of a “first kiss.” The importance of it, and the feeling of happiness you can expect.

The third ad, titled “Tale of Contour,” is a rather fantastical tale of the origins of the Coke bottle. The animated film begins with two live action young men contemplating where the Coca-Cola bottle came from. The ad then branches off into a whimsical tale of the Coke bottle. From its frozen origins with the Coke Polar Bears to a tropical land for its label, the Coke bottle was presented as a piece of design created by a multitude of unusual creatures.

The next ad spot features a one-minute live-action film, titled “Happiest Bottle/Generous World.” The ad features one instance after another of someone forfeiting the same bottle of Coke to someone they feel deserve it due to their misfortune. The misfortunes get incrementally more ridiculous, starting with a snapped guitar string, and ending with a meteor shooting down from the sky.

The next ad is a thirty-second spot, titled “Taste,” featuring the standard fizzy soda in an icy glass enjoyed by a thirsty woman in a diner. Not all that original, but still makes you want a glass of ice-cold Coke.

The next 10 videos feature 30-second, super close-up, high-def video of the Coke bottle with bubbling soda inside. That’s about it, in 10 different ways. Riveting, really (cue sarcasm).

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