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In our last blog, we dove into the subgroups within the millennial demographic. We will pick up where we left off and jump to number seven of the twelve subgroups.

7. Adventure-seeking Foodies
This group of millennials are ever-seeking an adventurous eat in their hometown. They are drawn to exotic cuisines and cultural experiences with an appreciation for authenticity. They likely have a higher income than the travel enthusiast, yet they do not have time to leave town. These foodies treat the eating experience as an event, going beyond the food, and enjoying every aspect of the occasion.

8. Over-Enthusiastic Sharers
This is your glued-to-their-phone social-media-sharing addict. They are constantly creating content and publishing it to at least three social media platforms. They are very concerned about the image they project to the world, and work hard to maintain it. They are driven by a fear of missing out, and are ever-searching for the next big thing.

9. Digital Listeners
On the opposite side of the sharer, there is a group of millennials that prefer to listen and browse social feeds rather than contribute to them. This group is typically introverted, and engrossed in the lives of others via social sharing sites. They experience life vicariously through the experiences of others. According to the study, the majority of millennials are in fact collectors of information, not of the selfie-taking variety that everyone assumes.

10. The Indecisive
This subgroup of millennials are emotionally uncertain and overwhelmed by the wide variety of life choices available as an adult. Most of these millennials are in severe loan debt, with over-attentive parents. As a result, the millennial has a difficult time making decisions, from lifestyle choices to career paths. They often try on many hats in an attempt to find what fits them best, and pursue a wide range of religious and spiritual beliefs before settling on one.

11. Content Crafters
This group is comprised of your mini-Marthas, creating niche content that makes crafty projects look easy. These millennials are similar to over-enthusiastic sharers, yet are more selective with the content they product and publish. They are generally more popular on social media sharing sites because they are sharing content that people find genuine, helpful, and interesting.

12. Cool Moms
Millennial moms are health-oriented, activity-driven, and socially conscious moms. They are highly active on a variety of social media networks and have high purchase power (mostly spent on the kid). They are likely a working mom, but spend a good amount of time doting on their little one and dressing them in devastatingly adorable outfits.

Overall, the research found that millennials as a whole show a great interest in DIY, health and wellness, and home décor. Marketers can use these 12 subgroups to better understand millennials and help target specific personalities within. By better understanding the multiple facets of the millennial mind, marketers have a fighting chance at catching the attention of the very important and influential demographic.


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