Pin Your Brand to Success

Did you ever wonder whether you could use Pinterest to build your brand? Or, maybe you’ve been thinking about building your personal brand via Pinterest? You’re definitely not alone. With 25 million people using Pinterest and more joining everyday, there are a lot businesses and personal brands that are taking advantage of Pinterest’s popularity.

Most brands’ hesitation about creating a Pinterest account and strategy is that their brand isn’t necessarily visually driven. But, that doesn’t mean that your brand can’t be successful on Pinterest. There are many ways for you to create a network of followers and fans on Pinterest, such as sharing quotes or books that represent your mission, testimonials from customers, photos from your office space, images that portray your brand personality, etc.

Of course, If you are a design driven brand, posting work and infographics that you have generated for public usage can generate interest as well. Pinterest allows you to compile the perfect visual compliment to your social media presence, rounding out your brand.

Okay, so we’ve convinced you to join Pinterest. Now, here are 6 tips to get your Pinterest presence up and running!

1. Know Your Audience
Think carefully about your boards and who might visit them. Don’t think everything is pin worthy because the key is to think outside the box. If you attend certain events, highlight your presence and show a wide array of conference photos that will reach a large audience within your field. The most important thing is to keep your audience in mind, and pin images you think they’d find interesting or valuable.

2. Create a Business Account
Take advantage of the new Pinterest business accounts. These accounts offer you more functionality and are specifically tailored for people using Pinterest for business. Make sure you complete your profile settings in full and link your other social networks so that people can connect with you on other platforms.

3. Make Your Website Pin-Worthy
Pinterest success is not possible with a “Build it and they will come” mentality. If you have a blog, add a Pin It button to your social sharing buttons so that your blog readers can easily share your posts. Also, be sure to include a follow me button on your site to generate followers as well. If you don’t post a lot of content on your main website, consider putting a Pin it button on your About Page so that if there is generated interest pinners can include you on their boards.

4. Pay it Forward
Don’t just create boards that advertise your business. If you are a pet company that sells specialty products, maybe something that you could consider is a board that focuses on different breeds of dogs and their characteristics. Figure out what is the most valuable information that you can give to your consumer and create a board about it. The more helpful or entertaining your boards are, the more likely you’ll attract followers.

5. Dress Up Your Boards
Customize your pins and make them visually appealing. Your pins will look great when they are a full representation of your brand. Mocking up your own images with custom captions is a fun way to generate interest and being able to differentiate yourself from other photos and boards.

6. Follow Pinterest Updates
Pinterest has a business-focused blog available that includes valuable insights into reaching out to potential followers. Even though most of these entries cater to businesses selling products online, there is still a good wealth of information that will help any brand become an Pinterest expert in no time.

If you use a Pinterest tracking software you’ll eventually start to see what pins your consumers are pinning on their own boards and be able to see what content is trending over time. Good Luck and Happy Pinning!

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