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25 01, 2016

The Disappearance of Twitter’s Share Counter

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For the first time in six years, Twitter has decided to update its tweet and follow buttons. The new button avoids the old skeuomorphic design witch boasts realistic looking features such as drop shadows, gradients, and a 3D effect. The blue Twitter bird and black text will […]

20 01, 2016

New Nielsen Metric Shows How Many People Engage With TV Shows On Facebook

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Nielsen, a US-based global information and measurement company, is rolling out a new metric for Facebook that can show you how many people are scrolling through Facebook as they watch TV. Facebook’s new metric is called Social Content Ratings, which is very similar to Twitter TV Ratings that Nielsen launched in 2013. The purpose of […]

5 01, 2016

Design Jobs of the Future

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Design jobs are evolving, and reaching outside of the art world more than ever. Design recruiter at the design consultancy Artefact, Dave Miller agrees that design is growing in intriguing ways. “Over the next five years, design as a profession will continue to evolve into a hybrid industry that is considered as much technical as […]

30 12, 2015

Apple Collaborates with Artists to Showcase their Devices Creative Abilities

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Apple has updated its Start Something New campaign this year to feature eleven artists from around the globe. Originally launched in 2014, the campaign showcases artists who use Apple’s products and apps to create their art.

Showing off Apple products’ artistic capabilities by filming their commercials “entirely on an iPhone” was just the beginning. Apple wants […]

16 12, 2015

Shame Sparks Change in “Virtual Racism, Real Consequences” Campaign

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"Virtual Racism, Real Consequences"

Internet trolls often ignore the consequences of their hateful actions. They hide behind their anonymous online personas and often spread racism and hate with unnecessary comments to other undeserving Internet users.

Criola, a Brazilian organization defending black women’s rights, is fighting back with […]

10 12, 2015

The Reason Why No One Is Reading Your Marketing Content

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Shredded Articles

In today’s digital economy, marketing needs more than a big budget to get consumers to remember you. Mass marketing, considered to be a solid marketing strategy back in the day, is not enough anymore. Today, even using a targeted approach through fragmenting audiences will get […]