T-Mobile & Its Marketing Genius


When we think of cell phone carriers we normally think of AT&T and Verizon. It’s usually one or the other. However, T-Mobile is gaining ground and experiencing rapid growth with a cell-service that isn’t as good as the major players. You may be thinking: How can a company beat its competition with a product that’s simply not as good?

The answer is marketing!

I have a friend who uses T-Mobile and doesn’t get any service in the same place where my phone is working fine, but he still swears by his cell provider. How is this possible? As days go by, my cell service continues to outperform his. However, he is much happier with his cell provider, than I am with mine? All of this confuses me until Tuesday rolls around or as others know it: T-Mobile Tuesday. Yes, T-Mobile has a special day of the week just for thanking its customers. Every single Tuesday, T-Mobile rewards its customers with all kinds of cool gifts. Some weeks it’s a free t-shirt, others it’s a free water bottle, and now it’s free Taco Bell.

T-Mobile adopted this “customer first philosophy” in their marketing campaigns five years ago and it has given them exponential growth. No customer is going to cancel with you if you’re providing them with a service that no one else offers. The T-Mobile Tuesday is a fantastic marketing example of how to stand out from competition and gain a massive following by finding ways to offer, inexpensive, “thank you” gifts to customers. Think of all the ways that your business can take advantage of this marketing trend. Put yourself into your customers’ shoes and think; What would make their lives better? How can I do something, affordable, to wow my customer? Find something that no one else in your industry is doing. The answer may be to copy T-Mobile’s customer-first philosophy. They have proven that doing what’s right for the customer is also good for business.

If you need help creating your own T-Mobile Tuesday, Incitrio is glad to give you a helping hand – Feel free to give us a call.

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