Snapchat Will No Longer Charge Users for Lens Filters


Snapchat first introduced their quirky animated filters September of 2015 on the same day they started charging for snap replays. A month later, Snapchat opened the Lens Store where a wide variety of filters could be purchased for only $0.99. After operating for only a short period of time, Snapchat shuts down the Lens Store for good.

According to the Snapchat, the popular lens filters were used in 10 million snaps a day within the first couple of months. These transformative selfie filters were made possible because of Snapchat’s acquisition of Ukrainian facial recognition software, Looksery. Rainbows pouring out of your mouth, a mustache and monocle appearing on your face, and a waterfall of tears are just some of the animated features that the funky filters are capable of.

With thirty filters available daily for purchase, opening the Lens Store was Snapchat’s first attempt at in-app purchases. Although the store remains quiet popular among users with an estimated $300,000.00 in monthly revenue, Snapchat has decided to provide the paid lens filters for free, and shift focus towards Advertising.

Following in Facebook and Twitter’s digital marketing footsteps, Snapchat is working on the creation of its own ad technology platform. With this new program, Partners will be able to create more interactive advertisements that guide users to application installment and product acquisition pages.

Snapchat will not get rid of their lenses altogether, but will instead provide ten free filters that will change regularly and include sponsored lenses. There is still time for users to purchase their favorite filters before the Lens Store closes on Friday January 8, so now’s the time to stock up on some great filters.

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