UI/Software Design Overview

Software design, similar to web design, can present a fun and interesting challenge. It begins with changing your perspective and putting yourself into the mind of the user. That user experience (UX design) or user interface (UI design) ultimately determines whether or not your software will succeed. It is not enough to have a great idea and cool functionality, today’s software must also exceed user expectations by anticipating their interface needs in advance.

  • Software Ideation
  • UI/Software Design (Front End)
  • Web-Based Software Design (SAAS)
  • Desktop Software Design

UI/Software Design Process

Every software challenge is unique. Every set of user groups is unique. And, how the software is delivered (web, installed, mobile, etc.) adds another interesting layer of complexity. When we say we love doing complex design, UI design is the type of design that definitely pushes us to our limits to solve design problems in new and interesting ways.

Software ideation is one of the best and most fun parts of software design. We are the co-collaborator with our clients, in the trenches, battling it out to make sure we avoid feature bloat and focus on enhancement of the user experience. The clients and brands that bring us in to the software creation process at the earliest stage always see the best results. Why? Because of our strong software design experience, we can bring to the table the many lessons learned from other brands and help you avoid those same development mistakes.

Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency offers both front-end and back-end software design services. On the front end, let us help you control the user path so that the user experience is seamless and enjoyable. On the back end, let us help you with various user grouping dashboards for controlling and running reports. We can create and supply layered PSD files with an exquisitely detailed coding doc or sliced HTML/CSS files. Take your pick.

Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency plays well with others. Most of our clients have either their own in-house software developer team or an external software developer that comes with the relationship the moment they walk in the door. Fine with us! We know we can’t be great at everything, and even though we’ve done some really cool software creation in the past, we’ll be the first one to tell you if a project is not a fit. We appreciate that taking on every project simply for the money is not in the best interest of our firm or our clients. That’s why we’ll gladly tell you if what you need is in our wheelhouse or not. Either way, if you’ve got a team, we’ll be happy to supply them the files they need in the format they require.

UI/Software Design FAQs

Typically, UI (user interface) design refers to the visual design that you use as part of your software experience. UX (user experience) design refers to the visual design that you use as part of your website experience.

Both types of design are focused on the visual interface that you use when you are online, but UI is for software (whether it is web-based aka SAAS or not) and UX design is for website (whether it is desktop, tablet, or smart phone).

No, Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency does not offer software development services. If you do not have a resource, we will be happy to recommend a properly vetted vendor so you have the options you need to pursue your software dreams.
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