Tradeshow Design Overview

Since our start in 2004, where Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency first started as a branding firm with print design capabilities, we have always loved the power of event design. Identifying the right target audience, developing messaging and creative specific to their unique needs and concerns, and building out campaigns that attract and convert…there’s nothing better than solving a tradeshow marketing challenge with creative problem solving skills.

  • Database — acquisition, building organic, sourcing paid, scrubbing, segmentation, etc.
  • Direct Mail Campaigns — event, conference, tradeshow, promotion, fundraiser, etc.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns – pre-show, during show, post-show, integrated with CRM, etc.
  • Online & Print Advertising – pre-show retargeting, show programs, post-show followup, etc.
  • Tradeshow Design — tradeshow booth, pop-up banner stand, table top display, etc.
  • Promotions – strategy, research, recommendations, off-the-shelf, custom, etc.

Tradeshow Design Process

Whether you have a great organic list that just needs augmentation and appending or you’re starting from scratch targeting a completely new demographic, Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency can help you acquire and refine your list so that you have a strong foundation to build upon. The right list can mean the difference between a campaign that performs well and one that fails miserably.

Once your list is built or acquired, we’ll begin the scrubbing and de-duping process. This ensures that you don’t pay for the same name twice and that you send to the most recent and accurate email or mailing address. Then, we segment by interests, gender, age, location, industry, and/or whatever additional data we have so that any personalization recommendations are relevant and appropriate.

Deciding whether to pursue an email or a direct mail campaign really depends on your budget and your industry, as well as how your audience would prefer to interact with your brand. In some cases, direct mail may be more appropriate, but cost of printing and postage could be a factor that leads us towards email marketing. In other cases, email may be more effective, but we are missing key addresses and require list appending to find/add those missing emails.  Where the least amount of “noise” is is the most important and overlooked factor to consider. This choice ties into the Blue Ocean way of thinking. For example: If your competition is exclusively employing email marketing as a tactic, then a direct mail campaign with a QR code tied to a landing page may be much more effective in creating awareness and generating leads because you will stand out from the pack.

Direct Mail is not dead either. For the longest time, the marketing industry has made this mass exodus of direct mail to the shinier, newer social and online marketing. One of the reasons that online marketing and advertising has become so sexy is their ability to track performance. In a never ending quest for ROI, marketers abandoned direct mail for tactics that could help them prove the effectiveness of their efforts. As a result, direct mail has struggled to find a way to survive and thrive in this new economy. Now, with VDP, PURLs, and QR Codes, we really can substantially improve the quality of results and data from our direct mail campaigns.

Whether you’re looking to promote your latest product and service or share a special offer with your most loyal customers, Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency can help. With over 20+ years in print design, we definitely know how to speak direct mail and cut through the noise and clutter to reach your audience. Direct mail marketing can be used for so many traditional and non-traditional reasons: event, conference, tradeshow, promotion, fundraisers, and more. The best performers, however, always seem to be those launching a new product or service, or those targeting a new industry. The “newness” of the content paired with the now, non-traditional tactic of direct mail can really help a brand to stand out in a way that they haven’t before.

Pair that campaign with Variable Data Personalization (VDP) and a Personalized URL (PURL) or a custom landing page on a per segmentation basis linked by a QR code, and you’ve got the makings for a high-performing, infinitely trackable direct mail campaign. Let Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency work with your team to scrub and segment your list so that we can refine your imagery and messaging by gender, geography, age, interest, or other preferences. Tie that print piece into a PURL or landing page per segment and you’ve got a campaign that is guaranteed to generate the kind of analytics and data you need to take to your executive team for demonstrating ROI and performance.

Need to figure out which tradeshows to attend, the ideal space for your tradeshow exhibit, help vetting tradeshow booth options, plus a design and marketing strategy for how best to market your brand and product/service at that tradeshow? We can help. Our team can not only research and recommend ideal tradeshow options for your organization, we can also put together a comprehensive pre-, during, and post- tradeshow plan so that your brand and sales team gets the most out of each tradeshow event.

We’ll create email marketing and direct mail marketing promotions to drive traffic to your booth. We’ll help you design a contest or special offering for the day of the event paired with your CRM to capture the most leads possible. We’ll help you select a custom or off-the-shelf promotion that is attractive and affordable. And, we’ll work with you after the event to email or connect via social media with those new leads for maximum conversion so that your tradeshow strategy investment pays off.

Tradeshow Design FAQs

Variable Data Personalization or VDP is a way of enhancing the performance of a direct mail piece by modifying key elements. For example: If you owned a resort and were sending a special offer to a past guest on their birthday, you might personalize by their name and birth date. You could take it one step further by identifying that this past guest was a woman and giving her a special offer of a massage since that’s what she did last time she was there. Or, if the past guest was a man, you could give him a special offer of a round of golf since that’s what he did last time he was visiting. You could take it one step further and personalize by the age range of the guest like a 30-40 yr-old woman or 50-60 yr-old man. The more detailed the personalization, the better the direct mail piece will perform.

Personalization can also be done within an email platform, but it is not called VDP. VDP requires an Excel file in CSV format with additional columns for all the data points, IND or AI file with call outs for personalization elements, and software at the printer’s office tied into their digital printer in order to work. Personalization via email also requires an Excel file in CSV format with additional columns for all the data points and personalization call outs within the HTML file tied into the software of the ESP in order to work.

A Personalized URL or PURL is a tactic that can be used as part of a list augmentation campaign. For example: If you knew that you had someone’s birthday and email address, but you did not have their direct mail address, you could invite them to visit their PURL to augment their profile within your database. In exchange, you could give them a special offer. A PURL is typically a one-off microsite with a URL specific to just that person. It is most often used within a VDP direct mail campaign as the PURL can be a variable that is used for personalization.

A sample PURL could be: or The microsite URL is usually completely different and separate from your brand’s parent URL so that it can be modified and tracked for the campaign only. Most PURLs consist of 4 pages: 1. entry/welcome message, 2. 3-4 question page, 3. profile augmentation form, and 4. special offer. Smart brands that are typically consumer facing (B2C) have learned to leverage PURLs as a way to entice their customer to convert or take advantage of a specific promotion.

For example: If I was a member of the Zoo, and invited to answer questions about whether I liked pandas or tigers better, then shown a special offer of a behind-the-scenes tour of the tiger enclosure because I indicated that I liked tigers better than pandas, I would be much more likely to convert than if I was shown a generic special offer for giraffes because their data indicated that “everybody” likes giraffes.

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