Website Design & Development Overview

Our website design and development process focuses on determining what resonates with the client’s customer base because we fully understand the importance of personalization through localization. We are able to analyze client’s current websites, and then take actionable data, to determine the most optimal UX, messaging, and functionality needed for success. Our localized approach in


is custom tailored to improve our client’s local presence, identity, and brand perception. Both highly responsive and easy-to-navigate, our client’s websites are always ultimately focused on generating and increasing revenue.

UX Analysis — Understanding Your Customers & Competition

While our client’s keep their website running as they normally would, Incitrio is behind the scenes running a complete UX design and SEO analysis. Using only the client, 5-10 top wishlist keywords, and their major competitor’s URLs, we are able to determine what specific elements should be moved, what functionality could be improved, and what content would be shifted to move their website up in Google ranks for the area. Our reports also give our clients perspective on how your visitors are using their site from moment-to-moment, action-to-action, tied to provable data points that improve the overall user experience.

Sitemap Structure — New Blueprints

We take our recommendations from the initial UX design analysis of the client’s website and turn them into actionable, results-driven design choices. The website’s newly improved user experience features a fully responsive and optimized design for enhanced engagement and interaction. This improved UX design serves to entice visitors to self-identify as quality leads that convert into high lead scoring prospects that fill up your sales pipeline faster and fuller than before.

Front-End Development – First Impressions

Incitrio’s front-end development starts by creating a real-time coding documentation that meticulously lays out all elemental designs by structure and functionality of our client’s website. This ensures the vision of our design is correctly translated into the HTML (and later PHP aka WordPress) version of the website. Once implemented, we then clean up inaccuracies and troubleshoot glitches before proceeding to develop the back-end of our client’s website.

Back-End Development — Connecting the Dots

WordPress CMS and API/software integration is the next step in taking your website from a standalone shell into a robust platform that fully integrates with your business operations and sales processes. This happens when the website’s HTML and CSS coding is approved and optimized by our quality control team. We normally create sites using WordPress and integrate them with programs such as Salesforce, Hubspot, or similar marketing automation systems and sales CRM service providers. During this time, we also migrate content from the client’s existing website to their new site. We then take that existing content and incorporate any necessary unique written materials, imagery, and infographics that serve to keep users engaged and improve your site’s stickiness factor.

Responsive & Mobile Website — Portable Potential

Incitrio runs several quality control tests to troubleshoot errors and debug inaccuracies as soon as each website is fully developed and functioning. In the dev environment, Incitrio measures cross-device and cross-browser website performance potential so our client knows what to expect when their new site goes live. Our quality control processes will also ensure your website is protected from potential hackers using the highest level of security necessary to meet their industry standards. In some cases, hackers may come through form submissions, so we add Captcha or Akismet for additional protection and oftentimes we will setup a CDN for additional malware protection. As soon as the client approves the website, we begin our “Go Live” process which includes Incitrio launching the website to the public, properly pointing the DNS, adding and testing redirects, and setup of an XML and HTML-friendly sitemap for proper Google indexing. Finally, Incitrio hands off control of the website to the client during our one-on-one training session so you feel confident, comfortable, and in control.

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