What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation uses software specifically designed to automate and streamline traditionally manual marketing processes and workflows so your marketing team can be more efficient, your business can dramatically increase revenue, and management can gain better transparency into marketing effectiveness. Even better, when done right, marketing automation software tied via an API or native integration with your CRM can help you determine which marketing efforts directly lead to revenue so you can make better, smarter marketing budget decisions. At Incitrio in San Diego, California, our marketing automation specialists can help you streamline the following tasks:

  • Setup, Install, & Configuration of Your Marketing Automation Sofware
  • Development of Marketing Automation Systems & Processes
  • Creation of Marketing Automation Templates for Brand Consistency
  • Integration Between Your Marketing Automation Software and Your Sales CRM
  • Design, Program, & Embed Email Marketing Newsletter Templates
  • Design, Program, & Embed Landing Page Templates
  • Development & Setup for Cross-Channel & Industry-Specific or Product-Specific Campaigns
  • Creation of Trackable Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Development of Drip Campaigns Tied to Proper Automated Workflows
  • Segmentation of Your Existing Customer Database by Vertical or Product/Service Line
  • Lead Nurturing and Scoring Tying Marketing Data to Inbound Sales Prospects
  • Setup Greater Opportunities for Cross-Selling and Upselling to Existing Customer Database
  • Improve Customer Retention with Win-Back Campaigns
  • Measuring & Tracking Campaign Intelligence Data to Optimize Marketing Spend & Improve ROI on a per Marketing Channel Basis
  • Website Personalization Tied to Specific Campaign Efforts
  • Report Generation by Marketing Tactic, Strategy, Channel, and/or Campaign

Why Should I Use Marketing Automation?

Whether you’re a small/mid-sized business or a large corporation based in the San Diego area, Incitrio’s marketing automation services are valuable for the productivity of your company. As an outsourced marketing team, our highly responsive and customized strategies ensure you achieve maximum performance for your marketing spend. Here are a few reasons why you should consider adopting marketing automation:

  • It allows you save time by scheduling multiple campaigns ahead of time.
  • It will make your company more efficient by providing a streamlined, automatic alternative to manual processes.
  • You can integrate your CRM and ensure that leads tie marketing efforts to revenue generated for greater transparency.
  • Automatic marketing can provide better insight into analytics across each of your marketing platforms and allow you to collect more specific data on a per campaign or per customer demographic basis.
  • You can manage multiple marketing channels and tactics, allowing you to see where all of your customers are coming from, engaging, and most importantly when & how they decide to buy.
  • Ensure your brand’s voice is consistent by integrating your marketing efforts within one marketing automation platform and leveraging content correctly.
  • Customize each online experience for your customer and prospective customers by creating a unique, inviting digital experience that is relevant, engaging, and keeps your brand top of mind.
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From automating digital marketing tactics to streamlining cross-channel marketing campaigns, the marketing automation specialists at Incitrio have the resources, experience, and the know-how to make your online brand presence stronger, more efficient, and more impactful. Let our in-house marketing team be your outsourced marketing experts for both traditional and digital marketing solutions so we can develop together a fully integrated marketing campaign that is trackable and results-driven.
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