Brand Marketing for San Diego Clients

Your brand defines your business. It not only represents who you are and what you do, but it embodies your reputation. Think of the following questions:

  • What makes your brand unique and better than your competitors?
  • What kind of value are you going to provide for your customers?
  • How trustworthy is your business?

At Incitrio we use branding and positioning to focus on these specific questions. This way, we can evaluate what is working and what needs to be improved within your San Diego business. Branding can enhance the equity and public awareness of your brand. We’ll work with you closely to identify the most effective ways your business can utilize brand marketing.

As an award-winning company, our team at Incitrio spends every single day dedicating ourselves to becoming the best brand marketing company in the San Diego area by following and vetting cutting edge trends, attending branding conferences, and maintaining a dialogue with the nation’s best minds in branding. Our brilliant and experienced team of brand strategists, graphic designers, and marketing specialists work hard to provide clients with the most innovative brand marketing strategies in the business year after year. We live, breathe, and love branding… and, it shows!

Brand Positioning vs. Marketing Strategy

When you reach out to Incitrio for help with the brand marketing of your San Diego business, it’s important to know the differentiation between brand personality, promise, positioning, and brand strategy, as these are essential marketing terms that have differing meanings.

Branding Personality: We use brand personality attributes to define the internal branding (or core values) of your organization and translate that into choices we make regarding messaging, typography, color, and imagery. Only by understanding your internal brand, can we make good marketing and design choices to ensure your brand resonates with your ideal target market.

Branding Promise: We use brand promise to outline what is your true unique selling proposition (USP). Why should your customer buy from you instead of your competitor and what is your aspiration for your organization. Said another way, when your company is performing at it’s best, what does that look like? When we can define your brand promise, this can translate into a stronger elevator pitch, a better tagline, and sometimes a renaming of your company to more authentically align with your mission and vision.

Branding Positioning: We use brand positioning to define your reputation or position within a given San Diego business market – or several markets – for your quality products and services. Positioning identifies the markets to be served. By leveraging Blue Ocean competitive canvas mapping, we can identify ways to set your company apart from competitors (messaging, differentiation, and promotional unique selling proprosition) as well as appeal to your ideal target audience.

Branding Strategy: With brand strategy & analysis, we can use brand marketing to help you analyze the best way to be perceived by the public, your ideal customer, competitors, and your vendors. Then, you can take the necessary steps to attract the ideal, qualified potential customers that value and appreciate what you have to offer. This work also enables us to provide a consistent image that resonates and helps you to maintain and improve your place within your market.

Marketing Strategy: Not to be confused with branding, marketing strategy is the work that happens AFTER the branding strategy is defined. Until we know who you are and why you’re great, your ideal target audiences, and your competitive landscape; it is a complete waste of marketing budget to pursue marketing strategy and tactics. Once the branding groundwork and foundation has been laid, then we can develop a solid marketing strategy and plan… confident that we are choosing the right message to differentiate and appeal to your ideal target customer.

Branding Support: Once we identify and agree upon your ideal go-to-market or rebranding strategy, then Incitrio will provide ongoing branding services for your business so you can focus on what you do best and let us handle the rest.

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