Packaging Design Overview

Since 2004, when Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency first transformed into a full-service branding and design firm, we have always had a mad love affair with packaging. Over the years, we have expanded our service offerings to include so much more than just branding packages. Still, packaging design is our one true love. Solving a complex positioning problem with smart design and inventive positioning is our idea of a good time.

  • Brand Guidelines — style guide, brand guidelines, brand manual, etc.
  • Packaging Design — clamshell, box, promotional, POP, custom, etc.
  • IP & Patent Support — design patent illustration, investor pitch, etc.

Packaging Design Process

Packaging design is definitely the most decadent of all of our graphic design for print services. Whether you need a simple cardstock with twist tie solution or a blister pack or a custom tooled clamshell or brand-new box die, we’ve got the design solution for you. We speak “packaging” and have extensive partners to help you source your printing locally or overseas, using environmentally friendly plastic and paper options, and we’ll even help you with your supply chain management. Need to manufacture and print in China before bringing your container over to the US for distribution and fulfillment? No problem. Want help finding that manufacturer in China? We’ve got a partner for that. Want help handling shipping, customs, warehousing, picking, and fulfillment all tied into your ecommerce and inventory system? We’ve got partners for that, too.

And, if you’ve got a brilliant idea for a new product but need illustrations for a design patent and 3D modeling to go out and get funding, we can help with that, too. We understand the complexities of applying for a design patent and how that ties into the need to protect your idea. We’ve got IP and patent attorney vetted relationships that can not only help you protect your idea, but also connect you with funding sources. As a CONNECT Springboard Mentor, our founder can help you refine your marketing and investor pitch so that you have the resources you need to raise capital and get your product launch moving forward quickly. You bring the brilliance and we’ll help you clearly package it, communicate it, and sell it.

Packaging Design FAQs

As part of our process, we typically spend more time and energy up front building the master packaging design. Think of it as a template with fonts, color, imagery style, illustration direction, and overall look&feel with “bento box” type placeholders where all elements will live.

Once the master packaging design is built out for one SKU and 100% approved for content, design, and shape, then we start the extension into the additional SKUs. The master sets the tone and the extensions become part of the brand family, each with their own slightly differentiated personality. Yet, when they are all together, it is clear that they belong together as a complete brand system.

It depends. Sometimes clients are looking for us to develop a whole new dieline from scratch and sometimes clients would prefer that we leverage an existing die as part of a brand upgrade. Either way, we are flexible and can work within your needs and requirements.

No, we do not. If you require industrial design services to “shape” your bottle or box, we would be happy to connect you to one of our vetted vendors. Whether you’re looking for food-grade plastic, recycled materials, or FSC-certified substrates, we can direct you to vendor resources to help you bring your vision into physical reality.

Yes. You will fully own the artwork we create for you and are welcome to receive a copy of any and all files, once your final bill is paid. Until that time, per our legal agreement, Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency will own the rights to the artwork we design for you. That is why we ask for 50% up front, a 25% progress payment, and 25% prior to the release of said files to the printer or client (for flat rate projects). For retainer work, we ask for 100% payment of the retainer fee up front so that we can hand over the files to you or your printer the moment the artwork is approved.

Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency has a full-time project management team that leverages project management software to keep your project on track and on budget. For larger projects, we typically create a timeline that is agreed upon by both the client and the Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency team so that we are all on the same page before we move forward. If preferred, we can give updates on a weekly basis via email, a call, or leveraging our project management software (accessible via the green icon in the top right of this web page). For flat rate projects, we typically include 2 rounds of revisions. Any revisions over that amount will incur an additional fee and must be signed off as well as approved in writing before we will begin that work. For retainer work, clients may have unlimited revisions and we will also give them updates regarding additional hours required before we begin that work. Once a design project is complete, we send over a “design approval” form for sign off. It can be signed and scanned/emailed back or faxed back. This document ensures that both parties are in complete agreement that we have carefully reviewed and proofed the creative prior to sending it to print or to the client.

For us, the most important aspect of the work that we do is clearly communicating and managing expectations. We’d much rather under-promise and over-deliver than tell our clients what they want to hear. That may mean that we are honest in a kind and tactful way. Some clients appreciate that honesty and value it. If that’s you, then you’re our perfect client! If you’d rather hire an agency that is an “order taker” and just does what they’re told, that’s not us. This is why the initial meetings prior to doing the work are so important. We understand that getting on the “same page” and finding a common language for communication is vital. We speak “marketing” and we speak “design” so that we translate what you really need and want into a language our creative team understands. This ultimately results in the best possible creative work for our clients with a final graphic design product that meets and exceeds expectations in terms of appeal and performance.

Absolutely. Once your product, is finalized and ready for mass production, Incitrio’s team can work with you to build out your sales sheets, marketing slicks, and website. We’ll help you develop a marketing campaign with a diverse mix of email marketing, social media, and video to tell your story and raise brand awareness regarding your new offering.
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