Mobile App Design & Marketing Overview

It’s the Wild, Wild, West out there! With platforms and SDKs changing on a weekly basis, it’s hard for the average marketer to keep up. It’s almost impossible for the average agency, too! That’s why we partner with some of the best developers and strategists out there to bring your mobile vision to fruition. Big or small, we’ll get you to the right resource…even if that means you don’t work with us.

  • Mobile App – strategy
  • Mobile App – design & development (iPhone, iPad, Android, smart tablet)
  • Mobile App – App Launch & App Marketing Campaign
  • Mobile Marketing Campaigns – (SMS, QR, etc.)

Mobile App Design & Marketing Process

As a branding agency, we are most excited about the strategic aspect of every project. Mobile app or website strategy fits perfectly in our wheelhouse because the process is so similar to software UI design and web UX design and seamlessly transitions into our ideation workflow. We think by doing. Let us roll up our sleeves with you and dig through the various use-case scenarios to “think” through all the possible user paths into your mobile app. We’ll help you talk through the “what if” scenarios to translate those scenarios into functionality and feature requirements that we can then take the mobile development team for proper execution.

For us, mobile app design is the equivalent of a mini microsite with software functionality. It’s a bit tricky because it’s a hybrid animal on a smaller screen, but the challenge is what we love. We are definitely not order takers, so if you think you’ve mapped out every possible permutation of your mobile app and just want someone to execute your napkin sketches, that’s not a good fit for us. But, if you’re 75% of the way there and would greatly appreciate an expert opinion and second look from a co-collaborator that is going to help you think it through and poke holes in possible “rabbit holes” within the system, then Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency is a perfect fit for you!

We’ll help you prioritize and phase out your roll out plan. No, you don’t have to build for iOS, Android, smart phone, smart tablet, Java, and more right off the bat. Through target audience research and survey, we can help you determine the highest possible conversion entry points for launching your app and then expanding, even all the way to a web-based software version (SAAS). After all, generating revenue to recoup your initial development costs is and should be your highest priority.

Need a mobile website or mobile landing page? Piece of cake. Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency regularly designs and develops mobile versions of our sites for our clients. The question is are you looking for responsive or viewport? Do you need a sniffer for iOS vs Android? Who is coming to your site and what is their preferred OS as well as screen size (phone or tablet)? If you’re not sure, we can help with that, too. We’ll install software on your current site and run reports for you to give you the data you need to determine the phased roll out of your mobile investment. Why guess, when you can allocate budget based on scientifically proven and significant data from actual user behavior?

Once your mobile app is created and ready to launch, we’ll help with testing and user group focus studies. Work out all the kinks before you actually “go live” so that your brand makes the best first impression possible. That may mean a 2-4 week delay in the roll out, but it also means an elimination of potential negative reviews on the App store which can be incredibly detrimental to your brand and reputation. Measure twice and cut once.

Mobile marketing campaigns can be compelling and complicated. Thinking through all of the ways to leverage the technology can be a bit overwhelming at times. Don’t let the thought of leveraging SMS technology overwhelm you. Let Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency help you vet the best possible software system, put together the strategy, setup the campaign, implement and manage the campaign, and provide rich analytics back to you. Clearly you have more important matters to address. Let us help you with the nit-picky stuff so you can take that “one” item off your plate. That’s what we’re here for.

Mobile App Design & Marketing FAQs

It depends. Understanding your customer and their preferred platform is a good direction to choose. These days, one can find data online regarding which gender and age range prefers which type of device and ultimately platform. Integration with SAAS apps and the platforms they support will also determine which platform is your ideal place for initial mobile app development.

Considering the majority of customers have constant access to the internet via their smart devices, at this point, it is not necessary to build a mobile app only to have a mobile version of your website. Rather, making sure your website is mobile-optimized and responsive will address 95% of your mobile website needs.

If, however, there are aspects of your company that require data to live on your customer’s devices when they don’t have internet access, then it would be completely appropriate to build a mobile app for corporate communication.

As always, the best mobile apps start with proper needs assessment and utilization determination prior to UI design and app development.

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