Logo & Identity Design Overview

Since our founding in 2004, we started as a traditional graphic design and branding agency. Over the years, we have expanded our offerings to include so much more than just branding and print design. To this day, logo and identity design is still one of our first loves. There’s nothing more gratifying than solving a challenging problem with expert-level design and strategic thinking.

  • Logo Design – logo, logo suite (print, web, MS Office)
  • Identity Design — business card, letterhead, envelope, etc.
  • Identity Extension – folders, thank you cards, powerpoint presentations, etc.
  • Brand Guidelines — style guide, brand guidelines, brand manual, etc.

Logo & Identity Design Process

Once the branding analysis and strategy work is complete, the name is finalized, and the URL is purchased, the next step is the identity or logo design. Typically, we recommend that clients trademark both their name and their logo for their category to ensure maximum protection and avoid category confusion. Incitrio’s record of producing trademarkable logos that are approved without contest by the USPTO is unparalleled. To date, our client logo submissions remain uncontested, much to the surprise of many of our clients’ attorneys. And, we have won numerous design awards from LogoLounge and Neenah for our logo design work.

Incitrio’s logo design process begins with a careful analysis of any consumer or market research performed to date, a review of the brand attributes (particularly the personality), a review of customer archetypes and competitive differentiation recommendations, combined with any information gleaned from our client intake meeting. Before we begin any design work, we always “listen to understand” the problem that we are trying to solve so that we can make appropriate recommendations that will solve the challenge at hand and differentiate our customer appropriately.

Incitrio’s traditional identity package design work consists of a logo design, business card design, letterhead design, e-letterhead (electronic letterhead within Microsoft Word) design, and #10 envelope design. If needed, we can also offer folder design, Microsoft PowerPoint template design, 9×12 envelope design, and/or mailing label design. What we include within our identity or stationery package design services depends ultimately on the needs of our client and what is required or considered best practices within their particular industry. We always tailor our designs to appeal to your ideal target audience and factor in budgetary requirements for printing so that the final product is custom created for your needs. We can design anything from a “traditional” business card and stationery package design to a “wow” factor business card and stationery package design. It’s all up to you.

We also offer brand guidelines. This can range from a basic one-page style guide for you to a multi-page brand guideline for your department to a fully-developed brand manual to share with employees and vendors. The one-page style guide includes details for the font and colors used, translated into PMS, CMYK, RGB, and Hex. The multi-page brand guideline has more details including clear space around the logo, correct logo application, and sample logo insertion scenarios (like within a print-ad or datasheet). It may also include primary, secondary, and tertiary color palette options as well as imagery recommendations, depending on what is most appropriate for the client. The brand manual includes all of those details as well as additional information regarding the brand personality, promise, and positioning to inspire your workforce and partners with your brand vision for the future of your organization.

Logo & Identity Design FAQs

The final result will be a PMS (Pantone) logo for offset printing, a CMYK version for digital printing, an RGB logo for web and Microsoft applications, a greyscale version for black&white usage, a black version for screen printing or promotional items, and a white version for black&white usage. We also supply logo versions in vector-based EPS, JPG, and PNG so that each version can be used appropriately for ideal resolution.

Yes. You will fully own the artwork we create for you and are welcome to receive a copy of any and all files, once your final bill is paid. Until that time, per our legal agreement, Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency will own the rights to the artwork we design for you. That is why we ask for 50% up front, a 25% progress payment, and 25% prior to the release of said files to the printer or client (for flat rate projects). For retainer work, we ask for 100% payment of the retainer fee up front so that we can hand over the files to you or your printer the moment the artwork is approved.

For smaller, one-off groups of projects, Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency typically charges a flat rate fee. This amount is based on an average of past client projects and an assessment of how much strategy, creative direction, art direction, design, production, and project management is required to complete a given set of projects. Then, we factor in the typical two rounds of revisions to offer our client a “flat rate” that they can use for budgeting purposes. This works really well in a scenario where the marketing person is in complete control of gathering revisions from multiple decision influencers and controlling the revision process.

In a situation where the decision making team may be indecisive or unsure of what they are looking for, or perhaps disorganized, we would recommend an hourly rate for a “pay as you go” situation so that the marketer can clearly manage their team’s expectations regarding final cost due to “paralysis by over analysis.”

In situations where the marketing team has multiple needs on an on-going basis, the 6-month or 12-month retainer options are the best use of their budget. Retainer fees are significantly less than the hourly or flat rate fees in exchange for a contract guaranteeing a set number of hours per month for a set number of months.

No, we do not offer in-house attorney services for trademarking your logo or protecting your Intellectual Property (IP). We do, however, make recommendations based on your needs and industry for an appropriate resource to help you with your trademark and IP needs.
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