Green & Sustainability Marketing Overview

Are you ready to “go green” with your marketing? Let Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency help you figure out the best roll-out plan for authentic “greening” of your marketing, design, and advertising efforts. Whether it’s sourcing new vendors or redefining your internal policies, we can help. Let us guide you down the path to a healthier company focused on using business for good.

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  • Corporate Social Responsibility
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Green & Sustainability Marketing Process

The secret to successful Green Marketing is authenticity, integrity, and integration. Before embarking on a sustainability marketing initiative, it is important to assess the organization’s long-term ability to maintain a commitment. First, the effort must be authentic. As part of the brand’s core values, they must be willing to fully commit internally and externally to all aspects of a green marketing initiative. Second, the greening campaign must be implemented with integrity and full intention. Third, the organization must be willing to integrate sustainability initiatives at every level of the company…not just for the purposes of green washing.

So, what does a green marketing campaign look like? It starts with a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility with sustainability as a key component. Whether you’re developing your plan on your own or need help implementing a B-Corp certification, Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency can connect you with the right vendors and resources to implement, manage, and maintain.

Implementation is not solely limited to commitment to recycling. It also requires a commitment to making every aspect of your organization as environmentally friendly. That could range from buying carbon credits to offset your carbon footprint or purchasing energy from a wind farm to installing commercial grade solar or working with SDG&E to greenify your electrical generation. Another option would be to purchase your printed products from an FSC-certified printer with soy-based inks on FSC-certified papers.

Green marketing requires a holistic approach. It is not enough to highlight a green aspect of a particular product, but companies must also demonstrate their commitment to sustainability on multiple levels, such as in production processes or environmental engagement.

Green & Sustainability Marketing FAQs

There are many different definitions of green marketing (also known as environmental marketing or eco-marketing). The practice of green marketing is the marketing of products and companies that promote the environment.

Greenwashing is the practice of a business using tactics (marketing and otherwise) to make themselves appear environmentally friendly when they have an ulterior motive.

For example: When a hotel asks their customers to “save the environment” by reusing their towels in order to conserve water, the customer questions whether or not their motivation is truly green. Likely, the hotels motivation is saving time and money, not saving the environment. Therefore, the customer will have a negative perception of the brand as it relates to sustainability rather than a positive perception which was the hotel’s original intention.

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