Reddit is getting its first redesign in over 10 years. CEO and Co-Founder Steven Huffman announced early this year that they were going to do an entire website redesign. His goal was to stray from the “Dystopian Craigslist” look that has plagued Reddit for years, which makes sense since the website is run on code that was built since the site’s beginnings

The first images of the new design were released last week. Reddit’s goals with the new design is to create a more organized community post flow and, ultimately, attract advertisers to Reddit.

While this is a work in progress, the new design doesn’t stray too far from Reddit’s current design, which is both good and bad. While it’s smart to not stray too far from the simplicity that has made Reddit so popular, the “Dystopian Craigslist” that Huffman talks about is still apparent when it comes to text and link posts. This upgrade, however, is much needed as they want reddit to be more notable and go beyond word of mouth. Advertisers are also going to gravitate towards this cleaner look. The way Reddit currently stands (Pictured Left) is a jumbled mess that dates back to the days of early web browsing. Advertisers want to be able to show dynamic content that invites Reddit’s users to engage and so far this redesign is inviting that environment.

As you can see there are minimal, but substantial differences to Reddit’s layout. It holds true to its foundation as a forum while keeping up with modern and sleek design. To give you an idea of how out dated the code is, they are just now using CSS to aid in their redesign. Reddit has already rolled out these prelimenary redesigns to some of their users and they have received positive feedback so far.

Reddit’s Current Website, 2017

Reddit’s Preliminary Redesign, 2017

Hopefully Reddit will continue to improve on their design for a cleaner visitor experience. For its first makeover, it’s off to a good start!