PBR Takes An Artistic Dive Into Their Next Can Design

Pabst Blue Ribbon is known to be very intimate with their fan base. Since 2008, they have featured artwork from fans on their website, and put on a yearly contest for artwork that would be featured on their cans. Following tradition, this year’s user generated can design will be sporting a really cool oceanic look.

Dallas Artist, Jerod Davies, won this year’s contest with his “deep sea diver” concept that ended up beating out 500 other entries from across the country. The illustration is called “Diving For Liquid Gold” and will be featured on 6 million 16-ounce tall boys over a three-month period and will be available wherever the cans are sold.

Davies told PBR about his inspiration and artistic approach:

“The art was drawn by me with a felt tip marker/pen…the idea was an old school deep sea diver discovering treasure in a sea of ‘liquid gold,’ the can giving off bubbles, and light guiding his hands. 1844 on his suit patch and facemask looks like the Pabst ribbon. Hops and barley floating around the prized PBR as well.”

Davies seemed to have an artistic leg up in this competition. A muralist, body painter, and illustrator, Davies has worked with many brands ranging from Jean Paul Gaultier, American Airlines, the Dallas Mavericks, and even Eryka Badu.

In addition to can design, PBR also awarded prizes in two other categories, 2-D and 3D art.

The 2-D winner was Virginia tattoo artist, Jason Skowron

The 3-D winner was Nate Konrardy, out of Denver

If you are over the age of 21 you can see the past entries on the Pabst Blue Ribbon website.

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