Nike’s “Find Your Fast” Campaign Takes Off On The Right Foot

Nike Branding, Marketing Campaign Nike is taking off on the right foot by launching their new marketing campaign, “Find Your Fast”. This campaign features inspiring athletes who promote Nike’s new shoe called Nike Zoom Air. Whether you are training for your first mile or looking to improve your personal record, Nike believes every individual athlete can get faster.

The co-creator of the Chappelle Show, Neal Brennan, has teamed up with Nike on the direction of the campaign’s anthem piece, “Find Your Fast.” Neal directed the 60-second “Find your Fast” spot that features 13 all-star athletes getting their speed on. Have you ever heard of Michael Johnson? How about Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce? These two individuals are some of the world’s fastest runners. If those names don’t ring a bell, does the name Kobe Bryant sound familiar? Kobe is a professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers and is also the star in the world’s fastest commercial ad. Nike even incorporates the world’s famous magician, David Blaine. The “Find Your Fast” campaign highlights all of these athletes in order to successfully promote the Nike brand.

“Fast can be about beating the defender to a spot, or not letting the offensive player get to his spot,” explains Kobe Bryant about the significance of speed on the basketball court.

Many of these athletes train or compete in Nike’s speediest running shoes, the Nike Air Zoom Elite 8. The Nike Zoom Air technology has been the new favorite amongst several top athletes. Zoom enables athletes of every caliber, including tennis players who quickly move from one end of the court to the other, or soccer players who need that instant burst of speed.

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“Everything about my training is speed. Even if I’m running 300-meter repeats in training, or if I’m weightlifting, I’m thinking about speed. I try to do everything very fast because the quicker you can be in your training, the better it is for you as a runner,” says Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce.

On July 2, Nike will launch the Nike+ community Club. Athletes of all sorts are invited and encouraged to start gaining speed with both the Nike+ Run Club and Nike+ Training Club. On August 30th, you’ll be prepared to sprint your fastest mile, alongside the top fastest elites from all around the world, competing at the World Track and Field Championships in Beijing. Nike is also offering a Nike+ Training Club (NTC). The Find Your Fast NTC Challenge offers a diverse set of daily workouts specifically engineered to improve speed, mental and physical power, and agility.

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