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2017 has been a productive year for marketing including increased character counts for Twitter and the introduction of A.I. in our homes via Google Home and Amazon’s Echo. With 2018 coming in sooner rather than later, it will be interesting to see what the year has to offer in terms of marketing, technology, and data.

Here are some marketing trends to watch out for in the new year that may impact how marketers interact with consumers:

In-Car Ads May Be a Thing

With certain companies already paying to be accentuated within maps in cars and on mobile devices it’s not too far off, but the rise of self driving cars may be the fire to ignite this. As we reach a time where drivers may not have to pay attention to the road, it may be an opportunity to target audiences in another digital platform. With Tesla and Mercedes-Benz already creating vehicles with some self-driving capability, brands may start testing this feature soon.


Influencer Marketing will be More Essential Than Ever

Almost 95% of marketers that use an influencer marketing strategy believe that it works and consumers react well to it. Influencer marketing is going to be the most effective way to reach prospects via social media as consumers respond well to advertising that feels “less staged.”


Brands will Start Optimizing for Voice

In 2016 20% of online searches were conducted through voice search and it’s expected to increase to 50% by 2020. Just like brands have optimized content for web and mobile, it is likely that they’ll start optimizing content for voice search. This will change the way marketers strategize digitally.


Augmented Reality May be Utilized

Since Apple released AR technology on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, this may be the direction experiential marketing may go. Creating interactive experiences for the consumer and giving opportunities to see products and their capabilities in a virtual realm.


Twitter May Die (or Not)

Twitter in 2017 has been unable grow its user base. With the company focusing on acquisition rather than improving its ad platform, advertisers are already moving over to other social media platforms. Twitter needs to make improvements to their ad platform if it wants to stay alive as advertisers generate the majority of Twitter’s revenue. In short, ads are keeping Twitter alive and relevant.


2018 may be an exciting year for marketing and technology, but in a consumer driven world anything can happen. Some may take off and others may not, but staying ahead of the game is key to keeping up in an ever changing world.