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When one thinks of today’s hottest and most successful companies, one of the first things that come to mind is their logo. A company logo can say a lot about a company. In 3 seconds or less, it can tell you where the company was, where it is, and where it is headed. Communicating these company-specific attributes in such a short period of time is not an easy task. It takes asking the right questions, finding out who is the target audience, and it requires the study of all past branding efforts.

If done successfully, a logo can become ingrained in the minds of your market, being easily recognized no matter the size, or upon the background in which it is placed. A successful logo will set the intended tone of your company, and will communicate the most important aspects of your brand quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, many companies who have never considered the benefits of a professional logo, or who have relied on a stock image and refer to it as their “logo,” have potentially lost out on years of positive branding opportunities. These lost branding opportunities add up to a significant loss of company value when one understands this philosophy: Your brand is only as strong as your clients say it is.

This philosophy is why a unique symbol that relates to your market is important. It is suppose to represent everything about your company, and is your seal of authority. It is the face of your company when no customer representative or sales person is around. It must not only look good, but most also tell a story. For companies who have employed an unprofessional logo for many years, a logo redesign is necessary to capture the attention of new clients, while maintaining the recognition necessary to avoid confusing current clients.

A professional logo will generally share similar characteristics:

  • It will be impactful
  • It will be easily recognized
  • It will be easy to read at any size
  • It will be memorable

The Value of a Professional Logo

A strong brand can double the value of a business specifically because of the intrinsic value between your brand and your clients. Can you imagine if Nike stopped using their famous logo on all of their products? Stocks would plummet as high school kids and athletes around the world would abandon Nike for the next best competitor. A change in logo would lead to confusion causing many people to think twice before buying a Nike product, and would keep many from buying simply because of the fact that many people buy Nike products for the logo alone. For these people, the Nike logo is more than just a simple stroke, it is a symbol of status, of athletic prowess, and a symbol of fashion. The perception of the company is very strong not only because of their millions spent in marketing, but because their brand is also committed to constant improvement. By improving their products each season, testing, and modifying accordingly; Nike has successfully positioned itself as the premiere sports apparel company in the entire world. Customer loyalty is through the roof because they love the way Nike shoes feel and they like the way they look. Year after year, customers return because they know that the company is committed to excellence in design, in quality, and in athletic fashion. Athletes buy their shoes because they know that Nike has spent many years researching the best ways to design and manufacture athletic shoes. They trust their feet to only the best. In addition, the shoes look fast, making the athlete feel fast. It is only natural that the Nike logo would look fast too. Like a wing in flight, the ultra sleek swish looks almost weightless. Even this logo, as simple as it is, tells a story about the company and about the people wearing it.

Your Logo and Your Brand Experience

A logo cannot do the job alone. It takes a repetitive positive experience with a company and the repeated visual experience with the logo to build value. If you have been working with a logo that does not cater to your market, you have likely had to work really hard elsewhere to pass along your message to your client base. Wouldn’t it be nice to let your logo express this message for you? Companies who feel they have a great product or service have the most to gain from a logo redesign. Implementing a new logo within a framework geared around a positive customer experience will only provide positive results. In this situation, a logo that builds on your past efforts and that caters to your existing client base will prevent confusion and will help you to gain a higher level of recognition in the competitive marketplace. A new logo redesign will give you the base on which to build your marketing platform. It will give you the direction you need and will allow you to make sure you are sending the right message. You will also gain the confidence to place your logo on any surface, knowing it will look good, and that it will stand out.

Professional Logo – The Official Company Representative

When properly designed, a logo can last a lifetime. It is one of the most important and most necessary steps when creating a company or when updating your company brand. It is unfortunate that many business owners still do not recognize the importance of a professional logo, rather choosing a cheap alternative, not understanding the long term value it will add to their everyday business. In today’s economy, presentation still matters. You do not send your sales team to an important meeting wearing mis-matching clothes or outdated attire, so why shouldn’t you treat your company the same way? It’s time to ditch that old logo, only taking from it what works, and using it to create a new one. Get a great logo redesign from a creative logo design company that understands your needs and the needs of your market. Find a company who asks the right questions in order to provide you with an industry leading logo design.

If you own a website, find out whether you can benefit from a logo redesign. Contact Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency at 858.523.1822 for a free brand analysis. We are a San Diego marketing agency focused on short and long term client success through integrated marketing, website design, advertising, email marketing, search engine optimization, social media, and CSS programming. Visit our testimonials page to take a look at what some of our happy clients are saying about us and visit our portfolio page to check out some of our award winning logo designs.

The logo redesign process

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