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Hope everyone is having an excellent start to the New Year! I know many of us were planning to kick this year off eating a little healthier. Well, that was until Taco Bell released their Live Más mobile app and threw a wrench into the plan! It is now easier than ever to order your favorite not so healthy treats from Taco Bell.

The craziest part? Taco Bell’s Live Más app is more groundbreaking than when they announced they were teaming up with Doritos to create the Doritos Locos Tacos. They dumped some serious time, effort, and love (and a good amount of money) into creating one of the best user-experience-focused apps of this day and age.

The app utilizes the popular Parallax style. When users enter the app, they scroll down through all of the food categories. From there, users can select what it is they want and then comes the fun part…

We live in a world where people like to customize anything and everything, and this Taco Bell app is no different. After users select their food item, they can then customize away! From extra cheese, to additional sauces, to getting rid of that pesky lettuce (really, who are we kidding?). Taco Bell has implemented all of the bells and whistles to make users feel like they are getting the most personalized food and experience.

Not only do you get to customize and order food via this convenient app, users can then choose if they would like to pick up in-store or via the drive-thru window. Convenience, convenience, convenience!

But how did Taco Bell gain the following to promote an app where just a few hours after its release, had almost 300 reviews? Social media, specifically Twitter. That’s right, Taco Bell has one of the most active Twitter accounts of all major fast food chains. They are out-Tweeting McDonald’s and Jack in the Box combined. With a mere 1.48 million followers, they have a good amount of people listening, too.

It helps that they created some incentive for Taco Bell lovers to download the app.
Also, timing is everything. Taco Bell released the app on New Year’s Day, probably one of the major drunchie days of the year (drun – chee: Definition: when you are or have been extremely intoxicated and feel the need to gorge yourself – Urban Dictionary).

Taco Bell’s social media use and latest app are game changers for the fast food world. It’s time to step it up and see if companies like McDonald’s and Jack in the Box will invest the same money and effort into their social media to compete with the growing Taco Bell following.

Best of luck to everyone on your diets and resolutions! Let’s hope we can resist the convenience and appeal of Taco Bell’s Live Más app…though a cheat day can never hurt.


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