One of the best things about playing with Legos is sharing your unique creations with others.

Social media platforms have made it better in many ways to help enthusiasts share their builds with the world. While older fans have access to public forums and traditional social media platforms, Lego wants to help the younger generation have that same environment without it being hostile or intimidating.

Safety is key.

Lego life is a place for kids, meant to help nurture creativity while providing a stepping-stone into the Internet. The Instagram like app is specifically designed to kids 13 and under, and solely be dedicated to Lego creations. The app will offer kids a way to share photos, follow users and comment on photos using special Lego emojis. Lego life will also provide a news feed with building challenges as a way to jump-start creativity and interaction. Rather than let the possibilities of a pile of bricks overwhelm, Lego Life will suggest something as simple as building something green.
As an effort to ensure parents of the safe environment that Lego life provides, the sign up for starters is carefully crafted. Anyone who creates an account has to get their parent or guardian’s permission to join, which is obtained by providing the adult’s email address and getting separate confirmation.
Usernames will be auto generated to help keep participants anonymous. Profiles will in no way show photos, in its place, a Lego avatar personalized by it’s user. These efforts are only a small part of what Lego has implemented in hopes of avoiding any personal information is shared and that creativity blossoms.

Thinking Long Term

Lego hopes to later have Lego Life go beyond social sharing and making it a central hub for their online services and gaming in the future. Kind of like how Wii characters are making their way from console to mobile devices.
The new app is available in the App Store and Google Play.


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