Keeping Up With Millennial Marketing

Mobile App Social MediaMarketers are struggling to find ways to reach the millennial generation on social media platforms. In the last ten years, there has been a shift in advertising methods as social media becomes much more widely adopted. This has caused millennials (people ages 18-34 years old) to become the most targeted audiences for advertisers. There is no longer a simple formula for advertisers to follow, and millennials are forcing marketers to stay on their toes. Unless a brand steps out of the box and develops innovative marketing tactics, their advertisements will not be well received among the millennial generation.

There are roughly 77 million millennials roaming the earth, causing marketers to flip their plans upside down every single day. Baby boomers are no longer the safe audience to target, which calls for a complete reset of marketers’ advertising techniques.

It is safe to say that almost every member of the millennial generation has been on at least one social media site in his or her lifetime. That being said, it is also safe to say that millennials are exposed to more advertisements on a daily basis than Baby Boomers see in one month’s time. Marketers have attempted to drown social media sites in advertisements, but this has, in turn, caused millennials to ignore the mass amount of ads they scroll past. Millennials no longer look at advertisements on their social media sites as an opportunity to buy something, but rather as an obstacle that is keeping them from what they really want to be doing.

Millennials with Technology

Looking at four major growing social media platforms: Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram, app execs have offered insight as to how marketers should handle these millennials.

Here are three tips they offered to marketers:

  1. Stay local. Lets face it; millennials hate the feeling of being marketed to. If your company stays local in their advertising, millennials are less likely to feel as though they are being barked at, and are more likely to feel as though they are helping a local cause.
  2. Less is more with video content. You’re likely to lose a majority of your ad viewers in the first ten seconds of your video, so make the time you do have count.
  3. Seek out social media’s newest stars. Millennials will respect marketers that keep up with their current interests. They are more likely to be drawn towards an advertisement if they feel connected to the content. Take a look at “Vine stars” and “Insta-famous” users, and consider reaching out to them in your marketing approaches.

These tips aren’t meant to serve as a new formula for marketers to follow, but rather serve as a place, and a state of mind, for marketers to start with. What the three tips above have in common are flexible, ever-changing, and innovative advertising approaches. Brands that recognize the fluidity of millennial marketing are the ones that will learn how to successfully market themselves to the technology crazed generation of millennials.



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