Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency Attends Globalocity Conference in LA

Globolacity at J.W. Marriott

Last week, Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency attended the Digital River Globalocity 2012 conference at the J.W. Marriott at L.A. Live. We were so grateful to take part in such an innovative and exciting commerce conference right in the heart of L.A. And the food was great, too!

Angela Hill, CEO & Chief Creative Officer at Incitrio
It was a magical 3-day event. Global brands came together from all over the world to talk about one thing: how to market and sell globally in an ever-changing economy. Talk tracks discussed the importance of security, mobile, video, and localization as key differentiators for ecommerce companies. Breakout sessions on email marketing opened a view onto a future where mobile email, video email, personalized campaigns, and personas increase conversion and improve marketing ROI.

The most important takeaway for me was that same old tried and true marketing adage: “It’s all about the metrics.” If you want to figure out how to generate true ROI or quality of leads generated, you absolutely must measure. Analytics and brands’ ability to understand how to use them will prove to be the key differentiator in the next decade that determines whether brands survive or thrive.
Globalocity - Localize!

Carrie Milford, Project Manager  & Copywriter at Incitrio
We attended many sessions during the three day conference, but I found the sessions on email marketing the most interesting. Email marketing has a bad rap. It’s thought of as spam and people complain that their inboxes are clogged with irrelevant messages. BlueHornet conducted a study, and I heard some amazing statistics:

  1. 21% of email users have three or more addresses, making it difficult to know if you are getting their primary address.
  2. 75% of consumers believe it is NOT okay to get promotional emails just because they purchased a product from that company.
  3. 52.8% of people use their phone to sort through emails.
  4. If an email looks bad on their mobile device, 69% of people delete it and 18% unsubscribe from the list altogether.
  5. As of today, 62% of email users can see full video in email.
  6. There is a 33% higher conversion rate when video is embedded in email.

My biggest takeaway? Email marketers need to learn how to segment their lists appropriately so that their subscribers open and engage with their emails. Email is an ever-evolving marketing tool. There are no hard and fast rules and just when you think you’ve got a great strategy down, something changes. The best way to make sure that you are using email effectively and reaching the right people at the right times is to test. Test subject lines, send at different times of days, segment subscribers based on activity. The possibilities are endless.

Globalocity at LA Live

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