HubSpot and Lucky Orange: The Latest Integration

Everything wonderful comes in pairs: peanut butter & jelly, macaroni and cheese, and now, HubSpot and Lucky Orange.

Lucky Orange is a tool that allows you to see where exactly potential leads are going in your website. With heatmaps and visitor recordings, Lucky Orange allows you to cater your website to your visitors to generate more leads and create conversions. Now with HubSpot, it all comes together.

HubSpot will link website activity from Lucky Orange to your lead. When you click on the contact, it will show you where on the website they’ve been, in what order, and you can view their entire session to see how exactly they are browsing your website. Lucky Orange can also show you where exactly your visitors are dropping off on your website. It can also be catered to where they drop off on your website, showing you where in the buying process your lead is. This integration allows you to cater lead flows to where in the buying process each lead may be. With Lucky Orange & HubSpot, you can increase your conversion rates by catering to each lead as an individual wherever they are in the buying process.

Curious about how HubSpot can work for you? As a HubSpot certified partner, Incitrio can help you assess what your needs are whether it’s for Marketing Automation or a Sales CRM. Let us know how we can help you.

Already have HubSpot? Click here to learn more about Lucky Orange

Click here for a guide on setting up the Lucky Orange + HubSpot Integration

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