How To Decipher Dad’s Brand Preference

Apple logoLet’s be honest, shopping for a Father’s Day present can be more difficult than trying to run in place while patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time. An almost impossible task, however, the most determined folks will succeed. In this case, it’s the mom’s daughter, sons, etc. that will come out on top if they listen closely to the brands that their fathers love.

According to a study conducted by Y&R, researchers have found that a father’s definitive title of “head of the household” has become obsolete as gender roles become less divided. However, Y&R did find that despite moms and dads sharing the household chores and responsibilities, they truly differ in how they take on these tasks. Specifically in the way that they shop.

Studies have shown that when a woman become a mother, she becomes much more financial frugal, whereas when a man becomes a father, he wants to spend it all. Now, Y&R is not saying that the second a man becomes a father he enters a pre-mature midlife crisis, but rather that he stays loyal to the brands he loves, despite the extra cost. While mom is over there clipping coupons and strategically planning her shopping trips, dad is waiting in line outside the Apple Store eager to get the newest product. Fathers are like kids in a candy shop; the second they see the candy, it has to be theirs. Now this wouldn’t be an issue if we were actually talking about ten cent taffy, but in reality, we are not.

Unfortunately for mothers, they are going to have to abandon their frugal ways this Father’s Day if they really want to put a smile on their man’s face. Here’s a helpful infographic outlining the Top 10 Brands Desired by U.S. Dads:

Dad's Brands
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At the end of the day, you have to give a man what he wants. So, whether it be buying products from UnderArmour or Nike to help him fight off his current “Dad Bod” situation than so be it. If that’s the case, at least you’re not one of the mother’s stuck buying her husband a brand new Lexus. Now, these ten brands aren’t guaranteed to make your father fall in love with his present, but they are a great place to start. Just remember, like a dog is loyal to his owner, a man is loyal to his brands. Keep that in mind, and look at this Father’s Day as a challenge. Conquer gift giving like no one has done before and if you fail, just remember that half the population did as well. Good luck and happy shopping!

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