How to Convert Social Media into Legitimate Leads

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Every business with an up-to-date marketing plan is implementing social media as a major part of their advertising strategy (and if they are not, they should!). Businesses are quickly learning the advantages of having a strong online presence. Social media is more than just cute cat pictures and selfies; it is a justifiable platform for advertising any product or service. But, the real question is, how do you convert your social media presence into solid leads that produce revenue?

Gated Content
If you are able to entice someone to your site with a juicy bit of information, you have won half the battle. Why not add a quick online form for the user to fill out with their e-mail and name so they can continue to collect from your wealth of knowledge?

If someone has taken the time to navigate to your website in search for an answer, they will most likely be willing to fill out the form to be able to read the desired content. This is not to say you should put up an online form for every page on your website, but if used correctly, the gated content could generate a multitude of leads for your company. The ideal type of content to be gated would come in the form of an e-book or a body of published work. If a perceived value is placed on the content, the user entering their e-mail and name may feel they are getting a deal since the work is being given to them for “free.”

Use Promo Codes
Who doesn’t love a good discount? A promotion in the form of money savings is a hard thing for many people to pass up, so take advantage of your advertising space in your social media pages. There are several places where a static image in your social media pages could act as advertisements; your Facebook cover photo, your Twitter background, your Instagram icon, etc.

Promotional codes also allow your company to track the success of certain ad space. If a promo code shown in the background of your Twitter page draws in considerable traffic compared to your Facebook page, you then can safely assume that Twitter acts as a better means of advertising for your company.

Convert Your Followers
No matter how pretty your social media page may be, a clear path from your social media page to your company’s website is a must. A simple link between the two is not enough; you need a clear and easy call to action. A custom Facebook tab that seamlessly re-directs users to your e-mail sign-up page could easily convert casual browsers into potential leads. Allow your Twitter followers to easily contact the company by publishing your phone number in your profile (not a good idea for a 13-year-old-girl, great idea for a company). Since most Twitter users are using their smartphones, having an easily clickable phone number will enhance your company’s chances of obtaining another customer. If you are using Pinterest, include as much company-specific information as possible in the description for pinners to follow.

Regardless of what platform you use for your social media, use it to your full advantage. Try different tactics, keep it fresh, and don’t be afraid to try something new. Moments are fleeting in the social media universe; quirk is often embraced, and a good ol’ discount doesn’t hurt either. Make it easy for your casual meanderer to become a potential lead through e-mail subscription forms, promotional codes, and easy-to-access company information.

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