How Can You Implement Pay-Per-Click?

The U.S. economy is experiencing many changes because of the pandemic. One of the biggest changes is an increase in Ecommerce. According to Adobe Analytics, Ecommerce spending grew 42% in August. More and more consumers are staying at home and shopping online. 

A large majority of the economy is made up of consumer spending. Businesses need to find ways to draw customers in and hopefully convert. Pay-per-click (PPC) is an easy and effective way to get conversions. That being said, there are risks you should avoid. Keep reading to see how businesses can get sales through PPC. 

Consider hiring for verticalization

Verticalization just means hiring experts who specialize in a certain industry to improve your marketing strategy’s effectiveness. 

PPC campaigns across industries will be vastly different. The keywords and other advertising aspects of the campaigns will depend on the industry. The cost per click will also differ depending on the industry. PPC visitors are much more likely to purchase a product than visitors who found it organically. This is why pay-per-click advertising is so important. 

A marketer with expertise in a certain industry is effective because they can fill websites with quality substance. Specialists are able to give good advice in their field and can help brands with their unique strategy better than general marketers. 

Aim for high conversions

With PPC, you pay only for visitors who click to your website. With pay-per-impressions (PPM), you pay for views. PPM is all about potential, while PPC is more about performance. PPC allows you to track your results and bring immediate traffic to your site. 

PPC brings the consumers to your site, but it’s your content landing pages that need to convert to revenue. What layout and words will get customers to checkout. Test which sales copy performs best for increasing conversion rates. A/B testing can help compare your different conversion strategies. This is a very underutilized tool, so make sure you add it to your plan.

Seize every opportunity, no matter how small

Google shared in a blog post that businesses should be available to consumers at “micro-moments” which are short windows of time when someone wants to immediately take action. This could be learning something, going somewhere, doing something, or buying a good or service.

Posting ads at the exact moment that audiences are most inclined to take action is how PPC marketers can perform the best. Ask yourself what micro-moments in the future will create profitable opportunities for your brand. To simplify, profitable PPC is about targeting the right people at the right time at the right place. 

Refine your targeting

You have to know exactly who your target audience is while using PPC. Having a deep understanding of their interests, demographics, and even the devices they are using will help you while making important decisions, like which keywords to use. Audience targeting is one of the most important aspects of PPC. Marketers will need to stay on top of their game and constantly improve their skills to meet the changing landscape of Ecommerce.



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