How Brands Are Utlizing Twitter Photo Collages

It looks like Twitter is trying to become more image friendly. On March 26, they launched a new feature called photo collages, which allows users to upload up to 4 photos at a time and tag up to 10 people.

Users can now share more photos at a time, and get more people in on the action via tags. It’s a quicker, more streamlined way to achieve the photo collage look. (Many social media users already create collages using apps like Photo Grid. But, they have to use that app to create the collage, save it to their phone, then upload to their social media site of choice.)

Of course, brands couldn’t resist jumping in and trying their hand at photo collages. Here are some brands that have dabbled with Twitter’s photo collages so far

1. The Academy
The Academy posted a photo collage of 4 of its favorite Academy Award winners.

2. Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama’s First Lady (or FLOTUS) account used the Twitter collage to showcase Michelle, Sasha, and Malia’s goodwill trip to China.

3. YouTube
YouTube used the collage to promote its “awkward” playlist, which features some pretty stellar videos to make you cringe.

4. Twitter UK
Twitter UK announced the photo collage by actually using the feature to share images od iconic London landmarks.

The non-profit geared toward teens and young adults used the collage feature to show off the staff eating peanut butter during a meeting. But, unlike some of the other brand collages, this one actually has a call to action: donate to their food drive! A really creative way to utilize the new feature.

6. The Walking Dead
We loved AMC’s The Walking Dead’s creative use of the new collage feature. They showed four images of the cast goofing around and added a sweet message that utilized the four up design.

It’s such a new feature that it’s clear brands aren’t quite sure the best way to utilize the collages, yet. But, as with Vine and Instagram and other updates to Facebook and Twitter, brands learn to adapt and find creative ways to use the new features. We think The Walking Dead’s tweet foreshadows cool, creative uses of the collage to combine a message across multiple images (think: brands creating graphics that use both the cover and profile photos on Facebook). We can’t wait to see what they come up with!

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