How Adobe Photoshop Is Adapting To The New Mobile Era

Adobe Photoshop Fix Mobile

Adobe Photoshop Fix Mobile

Photoshop is filled to the brim with tricks and tools for the advanced user to create works of art. For anyone who has tried to conquer the depths of Photoshop with only a small amount of knowledge can get quite lost in the black hole of never-ending filters and effects. Intimidating for the average person to say the least.

Because it is the leading program of its kind, there was no reason to make any changes to the winning Photoshop formula until the reveal of the iPad in 2010.

Photoshop had to be redesigned to work for mobile devices such as the iPad. This process started in 2011 with apps such as Nav, Color Lava, Eazel, and Photoshop Touch, released in 2012.

Discontinuing development of Photoshop Touch this year, Adobe is moving away from apps that provide users with anything and everything Photoshop traditionally has to offer. They are moving towards less complexity in relation to the desktop version, and more average user specific tools to make newcomers feel more at ease.

Because of the increase in power of these mobile devices, Adobe’s new approach isn’t just about picking Photoshop apart anymore. Photoshop Fix was introduced as the new retouching app in October of this year and boasts features such as healing and liquefying. These new features create a more user-friendly experience, and Adobe has increased the speed at which the app performs.

Adobe Photoshop Fix

Even for Sara Silver, a professional photographer that has enjoyed working for many high-profile clients including Vogue, Nike, Sephia, AG Jeans, Allure, and more, the desktop version of Photoshop provides more features than she needs to do her job. She approves of Photoshop Fix and says it would be a great tool for to use, considering she doesn’t have time to sit on a computer to do all of the retouching work on her own.

Specialized apps such as Photoshop Fix allow for high quality results with little effort. This app is a great way to bring the next generation of photo retouchers into the design world without having the specific knowledge it has taken to become a notable designer in the past. This app will be the future for up and coming photographers.

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