Google Uses World Emoji Day To Promote Social Corporate Responsibility


The annual tech-driven World Emoji Day is upon us and Google has brought it upon themselves to educate the public on what emojis tell us about how far we have come as humans. Occurring once a year on July 17th, an arbitrary date that is displayed on the calendar emoji used in iOS, this day celebrates all things emoji. So, whether you are using World Emoji Day to overload friend’s text message threads with emoji confetti or testing out this year’s release of a hundred new emojis, Google is taking the opportunity to dive below the surface and spit some serious knowledge on diversity, equality, and corporate social responsibility.

World Emoji Day Was Announced on Google’s Main Search Pagescreencapture-www-google-com-1468818230751

Like many nationally and globally celebrated days are announced on Google’s website, World Emoji Day was too announced on the main search page. Underneath the search bar showed a woman doctor emoji and a caption that said, “It’s World Emoji Day! Teen girls, code an emoji that’s unique to you.” The caption then linked to a page where young girls would be able to “code” their very own emoji.


Google Establishes Corporate Social Responsibility

Once young teen girls navigated to the emoji creation page, they would be able to choose from 10 skin tones, 10 facial expressions, and 11 professions to complete their personalized emoji. The final product could range from a woman emoji in a space suit to a woman emoji in a construction hat. Today, the career-focused female emojis remain nonexistent on anyone’s iOS, Android, or similar. In fact, the only woman emojis out today are princesses, brides, and a girl getting her haircut. In other words, there is no professional representation whatsoever as it compares to male detective, policeman, and doctor emojis.


In May 2016, Google proposed these 11 new professional emojis, in all skin tones, to the Unicode Technical Committee so as to represent a wider range of professions for women (as well as men), and reflect how women play pivotal roles in the world today.

World Emoji Day simply became the perfect date to announce that the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee agreed to this new set of emojis and Google’s Made With Code became the perfect platform to get young girls excited about finding a vessel to help pursue their careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Unicode is also introducing even more female and male versions of 33 existing emojis. For example, now there will be male emoji that is getting a haircut too.

For Google, this was a great way for the company to take a stance and promote social corporate responsibility.

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