Google Search Engine Marketing – Why Google Rules Internet Advertising

Part One of Our Demystifying Google Series

Online AdvertisingLook out billboards and flyers. Online advertising is edging you out and it looks like it’s here to stay. We all know that print media is going the way of the dinosaurs and Jay Leno’s ratings. In today’s world, online advertising beats out print advertising in almost every sense. Online ads are now reaching more people in more locations than ever before, and for a lot less money than a traditional print ad campaign. Online ad sales continue to increase every year, with $63.4 billion spent on online ads in 2010. As of December 2011, 5 companies accounted for $40.4 billion (64%) of all online ad spending.

Guess which single company controls 45% of all worldwide online ad spending? That’s right, Google, the Goliath of the Internet world. Yahoo, Microsoft/Bing, AOL, and Facebook combined account for just 17% of online ad spending. So what makes Google’s advertising so appealing to companies that spend money on online ads?

Google Advertising – Why is Google on Top?

Google crushes the Search Engine competition. Bing, Microsoft’s answer to Google, might have cool background pictures and a catchy marketing campaign, but it still can’t compete with Google’s algorithm. Google’s algorithm is a proprietary blend of various technologies that rank search results.

The algorithm includes crawlers that visit websites and then index the site’s pages. The crawlers, or bots, follow links on the website to other websites and then index those websites. And the trail continues forever. Google then assigns these sites a PageRank, a number between 1-10 that shows a site’s SEO strength. The higher the PageRank, the more likely that the site appears closer to the top of search results pages.

Even the 80+ million dollar ad campaign that brought Bing brand awareness couldn’t help Bing to overtake Google. In the same year (2009), Google spent just $25 million on all of its ads and easily maintained its dominance. These statistics prove that, in the end, consumers care more about accurate results than about flashy marketing campaigns.

Google Ads – What do they mean for you?

Advertising on Google just makes sense because it is still the Search Engine of choice for over half of the world’s population. You can reach more people with less effort and money by advertising on Google. Stay tuned for further articles that will demystify the Google advertising platform and help you to make informed advertising decisions.

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