Five Growing Trends in Advertising

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Advertising Week 2014 just took place! The greatest minds in marketing came together to discuss the future of the industry. Here are some of the most popular trends expected to see growth in the next year.

Women in the Digital World
Did you know that women account for roughly 80% of consumer spending in the United States? What is even more shocking is how rare female creative directors are in the advertising world. Fortunately, more and more women are starting to enter into the industry. With more women entering into the industry, there is hope that advertisers will more accurately reach target demographics. Some big brands are even attempting to help break the traditional gender stereotypes with campaigns like “InspireHerMind” by Verizon.

Programmatic Ad Buying
Programmatic ad buying is a method in which automated systems choose which advertisements are appropriate for a specific user. When a user enters a website, the software chooses the appropriate advertisement based off of gathered information about the user and displays it instantly. Advertisers love the reduced cost, and improved targeting resulting from programmatic ads.

As of 2014, roughly one in every five digital ads are sold (distributed) through programmatic adverting.  Although programmatic advertising is not new to the Internet, it is still not heavily integrated into television advertisements. In fact, programmatic ads will grow from 1% to 5% of total television advertisements over the next year. Even big name publishers, like NBC, are starting to implement programmatic advertising. As of now, not all networks are integrating programmatic advertising into their operations, but when push comes to shove, they will likely give in to take advantage of the efficient targeting.

Digital video is still growing in popularity. In the last two years, time spent watching digital video has doubled. Video streaming websites like Netflix and Hulu are constantly updating their media libraries to accommodate consumers’ needs for change. Video advertisements are also becoming increasingly prevalent in programmatic ad buying.

Native Advertising
Are you aware of when you are being advertised to? Many advertisers certainly hope that the distinction between advertising and organic content remains unclear to consumers. Why? Because consumers have a tendency of resisting marketing messages when they are aware that they are taking place. Native Advertising has become the hit topic in the marketing world. This idea lead to the popular native ads that we see today, even if we do not notice them. These advertisements can be hard to spot because they appear to be normal editorial content. This form of advertisement allows for brands to get their messages across without appearing pushy.

Last year, over half of all American agencies and marketers planned to spend money on native advertising. This trend is clearly not going away.

Mobile Advertising
We all know mobile is going to continue to grow in popularity. Even with nearly a decade of mobile growth, advertisers are still struggling to create viable mobile marketing strategies. One of the major problems with mobile advertising is the lack of space. Computers are larger and have more viewable space in a web browser, allowing for advertisers to get creative with the open space. Mobile devices do not grant us that same luxury.


One of the key components to marketing is the continued pursuit of knowledge needed to reach a changing market. The trends mentions above have been discussed by marketing professionals from around the globe. The future of marketing depends on ingenuity and creativity to constantly battle uses’ resistance to marketing messaging. Marketers are constantly struggling to catch the right attention from consumers without putting them off. Through targeting techniques and more interesting marketing messaging, marketers can expect to see more return for their marketing efforts. The new technology available to marketers will help them to better target their key demographics and creatively tell their marketing story.

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