There are many ways to make your website work within a mobile space such as iPhone, Android or Windows smart phone, iPod, iPad, or other smart tablet.

Three easy ways to make your website mobile-friendly:

  1. Create a mobile landing page that has a sniffer so it only shows up if someone visits the site from a mobile device. This mobile landing page will have larger icons and options for going deeper into your site and simplifies the ways someone can interact with your site.
  2. Create a mobile site that has a sniffer that only shows this mobile “version” of your site with limited offerings and completely different navigation to allow visitors to call you or get directions. The purpose of the mobile site is to identify the top 5 reasons someone might need to visit your site using the mobile device and give them those options.
  3. Create an entirely responsive site so that the user has a different experience with your website on a computer vs. a tablet vs. a smart phone.